Precision Metal Cutting Saw

Our saw cutting services we offer are well-suited precision metal saw to produce specific cut dimensions to any form of materials that may range from sizes to lengths.

Precision Metal Saw and Metal Saw Cutting Services near Me

Our saw cutting services we offer are well-suited to produce specific cut dimensions to any form of materials that may range from sizes to lengths.

O’Hare Precision Metals are capable of saw cutting bars for customers’ requirements which are more stringent than the normal length tolerances. In addition, for us to meet the growing demand for shorter bar lengths, O’Hare uses a special saw and other essential tools for the final production operation. Most frequently ordered bar lengths are shorter than standard lengths and they vibrate less when fed to the screw machine.

As a cold process, saw cutting is nearly ideal in stainless steel plates and in processing longer strips. We jive along with the technological advancements and sawing methods in cold saw cutting and so we use cold saw blades to meet high production requirements. These sawing methods can produce a rather low cost among other sawing methods like friction sawing, hot sawing, hacksawing, and bandsawing. We do saw cutting operations in automated ways like our CNC Saws which are capable of cutting thick materials that are up to 7 inches in diameter.

Bar saw cutting is a metal cutting process that uses a bar of steel with a rotating blade at one end and a handle at the other, which is rotated by means of an attached motor. The blade moves in and out from the handle in order to cut through metal sheets or bars. The bar saw cutting process produces very little scrap as it leaves only small pieces of metal on the floor as waste material.

Also, bar saw cutting is an effective way to cut metal. It provides a clean, smooth surface with the least amount of waste. Bar saws are available in both manual and power versions. Manual bar saws are typically lighter weight than power versions, but they can be more difficult to use for some applications because the blade must be constantly fed into the workpiece. The power version usually has a motor that allows the user to adjust the speed, which helps with applications where there is an uneven feed on the material being cut.

As a stocking distributor of metal products and provider of machining services, we dedicate ourselves to performing both in-process and final inspections at each phase of our work, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction are never sacrificed. We present the best options for our customers and the industries we serve. Our best yields are achieved in every cut, thus, enabling us to save our customers money and time. With our fast lead times and production runs, in most instances, we can saw cut materials and supply the quality products to our customers on time.

Operation Capabilities

  • Surface finish with low Rough Average

  • Tighter tolerance which can eliminate and reduce machine time