We provide high-quality polishing of your materials and items for an enhanced and brand new surface and textured finish.

We do polishing services to a wide variety of metals such as stainless steel, brass, copper and bronze, titanium, and aluminum. We can bring high quality polished finishes to bars, sections, and a lot of material shapes and forms. With quality polishing capabilities and equipment, O’Hare Precision Metals can provide the expansion of possibilities in the component preparation process as well as excellent quality metal finishing.
Polishing is a finishing process to smooth the external surface of the workpiece with the use of an abrasive cutting tool, a work wheel/leather strop. Polishing is indeed an aggressive process that can bring out smoother, brighter finishes to material’s external surface and texture. This operation also helps in preventing contamination of instruments, creating a reflective appearance, preventing corrosion in pipes, and in removing oxidation
Our years of machining experience and production, we earn the reputation as the top experts in metal polishing which we performed through manual, automated, mechanical, and CNC polishing procedures. In addition, we also have bar and tube polishers, centerless polishing cells, buffing cells, automated belt sanders, and linear pipe polishing cells. Our fully functional machinery, programs, and highly skilled staff allow us to take materials and products in all sizes, shapes, and weights in an extensive line of metals.
To meet the needs and criteria set by our customers, we provide various options for finishes and any specific RA finish. Contact us for more details or Request a Quote for any of your manufacturing requirements.