Grinding is an abrasive cutting process that takes the full understanding of basic fundamentals to assure accurate results in operation.

As a response to the highly growing demands of various industries when it comes to precision machining operations, we also provide grinding processes for achieving high tolerance and accurate polish in finished products. O’hare Precision Metals has its system capacities of high precision services to automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, medical, die, tool, and mold making industries. We have an available range of CNC cylindrical grinding such as outside diameter (OD) grinding, internal diameter (ID)grinding, and centerless grinding. We have a working professional staff with a wide experience and skill in steel and metal grinding. With all our machining operations, we also involve the use productive and heavy-duty machineries so high tolerance, precision, accuracy, and consistence are always achieved at each phase of our operation. Our machines and tools are fully equipped with machine accessories to fill all complex tasks in the grinding process.
O’Hare Precision Metals performs both CNC and manual grinding operations that can create perfectly abraded surfaces, tightest tolerances, and unmatched finishes on components and parts of varying types. Whether its OD or ID grinding and centerless grinding, with the help of our functional machinery and effective systems, we ensure that we can bring out the highest-possible surface finish and dimensional accuracy even to highly-difficult-to-machine parts and components. We boast our availabilities in grinding metals and alloys like stainless steels, aluminum, and many other steel types.
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We perform outside (OD) grinding for meeting the exacting finish requirements and most precision tolerances for manufacturing parts and components.

Within the course of ascending demands and requirements for industrial developments, outside diameter grinding has its division of techniques that differ depending on how the workpiece is being mounted and based on the feed direction. Forte Precision Metals internalizes the whole grinding principles upon all our grinding operations to ensure we obtain high quality in all our product outputs. In addition, we do all these step-by-step processes to perfectly complete the operation:

Whenever you a highly accurate grinding operations upon your manufacturing purposes, we provide cylindrical OD grinding processes of the highest quality. We do perform OD grinding through hand and CNC automated technology, allowing precise and accurate grinding for applications from small prototypes or reworks large series of production.

OD (Outside diameter) grinding is highly ideal for parts and components with single or multiple diameters that should run concentric between centers or with each other. This could also be ideal for external diameters with slots or any other features that can cause a disrupted cut.

Our CNC rotary dressers and dressing units are able to produce complicated radii, profiles, and spherical radii.
This process helps to enhance location and dimensional accuracy of critical areas through in-process gauging during the grinding cycle of our cylindrical grinders.

O’Hare Precision Metals can handle parts and components in a wide range of specified diameters and lengths.
We highly pride ourselves in using the advanced and high quality machines and programs upon your manufacturing processes.

We provide precision ID (internal diameter) for a vast variety of materials which allow us to grind many faces and bores in a single operation.

O’Hare Precision Metals performs internal bore grinding operations for an extensive range of applications. Our ID (internal diameter) grinding facilities use heavy CNC automated machinery and considered as one of the largest when it comes to quantity.

We had several machines with multi-functional capability, allowing us to grind a multitude of faces and bores in a single operation only. Moreover, we are capable of grinding seats, radii, ID tapers, and angles.

We follow every application creatively and uniquely in order to minimize costs and save effort to our customers.
We have our CNC precision ID grinding services that are available for steel, metals, and many other substrates to various industries like aerospace, automotive, marine and chemical processing. We can handle projects for development, research, prototype, and production.

Our superior ID grinding operations can be highly applied to various materials like stainless steels, aluminum, and carbon steels. The cylindrical ID machines in our facilities are designed for fulfilling the requirements of different applications.

We are a top performer of precision centerless grinding operations for very close tolerance machining and part applications.

O’Hare Precision Metals offers centerless grinding services with accuracy and precision to all machined materials. We have the capacity of grinding numerous diameters of varying sizes in one plunge and also grinding complex radii and angles. We highly specialize in holding very close tolerance and we can also provide the fastest possible lead times.

Centerless grinding is widely known with its fine and quality results in each end process, for example in products precise and accurate roundness and exact polish. Unlike other grinding processes, centerless grinding can be more multifunctional and multi-purpose operation since it can also perform polishing, turning, boring, and cleaning – one concrete reason why a lot of industries select it as their top grinding preference.

O’Hare employs mainly CNC machines and multifunctional grinders which are constantly retrofitted with CNC dressers on both grinding and regulating wheels, allowing us to take more unique and creative approach to every application. Thus, this allows saving money and time by substituting centerless grinding to other multi-process grinding operations..