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Metal Bar Burnishing

Burnishing or burnish metal is a plastic deformation that enhances outer appearance and texture of any metal.

Burnish Metal and Burnish Aluminum

It is a plastic deformation that enhances outer appearance and texture of any metal.

Burnishing is eminently used manufacturing for improving surface hardness, finish, shape, and size of the workpiece. It considerably a forming operation that is occurring on a small scale. This plastic deformation process, if done in a controlled manner, can have desirable effects and benefits including: prevents corrosion and stress fatigue, creates compressive residual stress to the surface, combats fatigue failure, closes porosity, and produces textures surfaces for eliminating visual defects.

Some of the most common burnished processes are the ball burnishing and roller burnishing. O’Hare Precision Metals is extending its capabilities of performing machining process for the enhancement of the mechanical parts for the varying purposes. We are capable of doing roller burnishing in cylindrical and conical workpieces. Roller burnishing has its typical applications such as shaft fillets, hydraulic system components, and sealing surfaces.

Upon our operations, we use abrasive tools that can bring out tough, work-hardened and mirror-like surface finish along with load-carrying characteristics. That is how the burnished surface is considered superior to finished components that are achieved through abrasive metal-removing procedures. To burnish cold drawn steel bars imparts a brighter and smoother surface to the material. Our one-of-a-kind machining methods are applied to a whole variety of part configurations:

  • Tapers
  • Internal Diameter (holes)
  • Outside Diameter (shafts)
  • Our Specialized Grinding Division can do grinding up to 24 ft. in length and 7” large in diameter.
  • Fillets
  • Spherical contours and surfaces