Bar Chamfering Tool

Bar chamfering tool is used for cutting away excess metal parts to produce a symmetrical sloping edge to be used for specific applications.

What is Bar Chamfering?

Bar Chamfering is used for cutting away excess metal parts to produce a symmetrical sloping edge to be used for specific applications.

O’Hare Precision Metals is a top-quality provider of chamfering operations for prototype and short to long production runs of steel and metal components. We do both CNC and manual chamfering services for parts and components’ edges in certain applications.

Undercuts, chamfers, preparation of welding, V-cuts, deburring operations along the edges of the workpiece are frequent operations. There are a lot of tools to be used upon these operations which depend on the type of set-up and machine – and they can be performed in a variety of ways. A long edge cutter, a small face mill, dedicated chamfer cutters, and an end mill can be used for chamfering operations.

More About Steel Chamfer

A bar chamfer is a type of chamfer that has a straight line on one edge and a curved line on the opposite edge. The straight line can be either sharp or rounded, while the curved line can be either sharp or blunt.

The bar chamfer provides an aesthetic finish to the facings of a building or structure. It also helps to prevent water from entering the bars and walls.

Bar chamfers are also used in furniture, doors, window frames, and other similar objects.

Bar chamfer is a way to improve the structural strength of a beam by cutting off a small portion of the edge. It is also known as chamfering.

Bar chamfer can be used in many different ways:

– As an architectural detail to make an object look more modern or sophisticated

– To create a decorative edge on furniture, doors, windows, and other structures

– To increase the structural strength of a beam by reducing its weight

Chamfered is a term used to describe the edge of a bar that has been ground down to create a sharp edge. It is typically used in metalworking or woodworking. Chamfered provides a number of benefits which includes:

  • edges look more attractive;

  • edges provide a better grip on surfaces;

  • edges reduce the risk of cutting oneself;

  • edges can be used with power tools to make different cuts.

  • improved surface finish,

  • Reduced cost,

  • Better structural integrity,

Improved corrosion resistance.

O’Hare’s Bar Chamfer

With our state-of-the-art facility and housing, we have the multiple continuous drawing machines which enable us to chamfer ends of cold-finished products like bars within the production course. This equipment and machineries used also allow flexibility for processing our materials from our inventory.

As compliance to the increasing number of demands in faced and chamfered bar ends from the various industries we serve, we urge to perform such necessary functions to meet the heavy requirements and requests of our customers.