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w1 Steel

The W1 Steel Bar Stock has carbon as its alloying ingredient.

High Quality W1 Steel Bar Stock For Sale

W1 Steel Bar Stock is a water-hardening tool steel that belongs to the group of steels known as group W steels.

W1 steel is a popular type of tool steel known for its water-hardening properties. It belongs to the category of carbon tool steels and is often referred to as water-hardening “non-shrinking” steel. It has carbon and small amounts of other alloying elements.

This steel is characterized by its high carbon content, typically ranging from 0.60% to 1.40%, which contributes to its excellent hardness and wear resistance. It is known for its rapid hardening capability when subjected to quenching in water, making it a valuable material for various tooling applications.

Applications of W1 Steel

W1 round stock finds extensive use in a wide range of applications that require high hardness, strength, and wear resistance. Some notable applications include:

  1. Cutting Tools: w1 tool steel is useful for making cutting tools such as knives, blades, and woodworking tools. Its exceptional hardness and edge retention make it ideal for applications that demand precise cutting and shaping.

  2. Punches and Dies: The hardness and toughness of w1 tool steel make it suitable for manufacturing punches and dies used in metal stamping and forging processes. These tools require the ability to withstand repeated impacts and resist deformation.

  3. Chisels and Woodworking Tools: w1 tool steel favored in the woodworking industry for its durability and edge retention. It is commonly used to produce chisels, gouges, and other woodworking tools that require sharp cutting edges and resistance to wear.

  4. Blacksmithing Tools: W1 steel is utilized in the production of various blacksmithing tools such as hammers, tongs, and chisels. These steels need to withstand heavy use and high-temperature environments.

Machinability and Weldability of W1 Steel

w1 tool steel possesses good machinability, allowing for ease of shaping, drilling, and milling operations. However, its high carbon content can result in increased tool wear during machining processes. Therefore, the use of appropriate cutting tools and machining techniques is recommended.

In terms of weldability, it is not typically considered weldable steel due to its high carbon content. Welding processes can lead to carbon migration, resulting in brittle areas around the weld joint. However, with proper preheating, post-weld heat treatment, and careful selection of welding methods and electrodes, limited welding of w1 round stock can be achieved.

It is important to note that, like other tool steels, the specific machinability and weldability of w1 round stock can be influenced by heat treatment, composition, and impurities. Therefore, consulting with experts and following recommended practices is crucial for successful machining and welding operations involving this steel.



Melting point 

Ultimate Tensile strength 

Yield Tensile strength 

Shear modulus 

Elastic modulus 

Bulk modulus 

Poisson’s ratio 

Elongation at break 

0.283 lb/in3


244000 psi

218000 psi

11600 ksi

27557-30458 ksi

20300 ksi



Chemical Properties





















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