Tool Steel Round Stock

Why is the h13 Tool Steel Round Stock is so remarkable in many industries? It is a specific steel designed for cutting and shaping machines like lathes and drills. They are strong, tough, nonreactive to local overheating, and often built to particular service needs. Are you interested to know what Tool Steel round bar stock can offer? See more exciting details below!

Tool Steel and H13 Round Stock History

Robert Forester Mushet, a British metallurgist, invented steel in 1868. Mushet improved the Bessemer steel-making process by adding manganese. Mushet later noticed that one of his steel bars had hardened despite not being quenched. It was named “air-hardening” steel because it could be fully set in the air rather than water or oil.

Self-hardening is possible due to hardenability. Hardenability is the ability of steel to be cooled slowly. So it can achieve a hard martensitic microstructure rather than a soft ferrite-cementite microstructure. While tool steel’s hardenability was attributed to its high tungsten and manganese content, it was the manganese that allowed it to harden in the air.

Applications of Tool Steel Bar Stock

The Tool steel round bar and h13 round bar is a type of steel that is used in the manufacturing of tools. It is made by rolling and forming a bar, which has an approximate diameter of 1-1/4” – 1-3/8”, from a rod or wire. Tool steel round stock is a type of tool steel that has been cut into smaller pieces with dimensions between 0.25″ and 0.5″. It can be machined and formed into various shapes such as bars, rods, rounds, squares, hexagons, and more.

Tool steel bar stock is a type of steel that is used in the manufacturing of tools. It has a high carbon content, which makes it easy to work with and maintain its strength.

Applications of tool steel bar stock include:

  • Machine tools;
  • Rolling mills;
  • Precision machinery;
  • Metalworking machinery;
  • Die casting machines;
  • Machinery for metal forging.

Tool Steel h13 Round Stock And 1045 Round Stock

Tool steel round stock and h13 round bar is a highly-engineered metal that is used for making tools, equipment, and parts. It has high strength, hardness, toughness, and resistance to wear. Tool steel bar stock is a type of steel that is made by rolling a piece of hot metal into a bar. It can be used in many different industries such as the automotive, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing industries. The advantages of tool steel round bar stock include its ability to be machined easily and its high strength.

It is used for making various tools and components for these industries. Tool steel round stock has a higher yield strength than other types of steel that are used in the same application. Also, It is a great material for a variety of industries because it offers high strength and hardness. Plus, tool steel round stock is also easy to machine and weld.

To make it easy to remember here are the advantages of tool steel round bar stock:

  • High strength and hardness
  • Easy to machine and weld
  • Good corrosion resistance

Here are some of the famous grades that your can get from your reliable tool steel round bar supplier.


The A2 Tool Steel is a 5% chromium air-hardening steel. It’s employed in several tooling applications. Also, A2 tool steel is noted in the heat treatment sector for its hardness and dimensional stability.

This Steel is a medium-carbon, high-chromium tool steel with a high hardness distribution. It is a highly adaptable tool steel that gives an outstanding performance at a moderate cost.

D2 tool steel

D2 tool steel has a lot of carbon and chromium. Chromium content makes it machinable and wear-resistant. Also, this grade offers the highest toughness at the high hardness in all areas. D2 also provides excellent abrasion resistance due to the quantity of solid alloy carbide particles in the steel.

M2 tool steel

It is also called Molybdenum-type high-speed steel. It combines toughness, high wear resistance, and red hardness. Plus, M2 tool steel is also used for general-purpose applications. This grade commonly has cold finished steel bar. 

o6 tool steel

O6 is a graphitic tool steel that hardens in oil and resists sliding wear and galling. It has many uses. The steel’s homogeneous dispersion of graphite particles makes it excellent for machining and non-seizing. O-6 is usually bought to suit chemical rather than physical needs. As a result, physical qualities are not provided until specifically requested.

H13 tool steel

The H13 toolset is ductile and can be formed using typical processes. Hot-work tooling made of H13 chromium steel is widely utilized. H13 is the most extensively used tool steel in tooling applications due to its high toughness and fatigue resistance. It has widespread application in hot working dies such as forging dies, extrusion dies, and die-casting dies: stamping, slitting, cutting, and shearing.

w1 tool steel

W1 steel is a popular water-hardening tool steel that hardens quickly by heating and quenching in water. Although this alloy does not warp during quenching, it does during the process. W steels include a trace amount of chromium, which can be used to increase resistance and hardenability. Vanadium, which promotes steel hardness, also helps maintain grain size.

S7 Tool Steel

S7 tool steel can be worked both cold finished steel bar and hot finished steel bar. It is a versatile alloy with numerous uses. It offers excellent impact and shock resistance and mild temperature softening resistance. It also has lower wear resistance than related varieties but is still very durable. Heat treatment does not distort it. Its structure gives it a superior working hardness of steel compositions.

O1 Tool Steel

O1 Tool Steel is a non-deformable, oil-hardening tool steel. It is also known as “non-shrinking” steel because it can be hardened to a Rockwell Range of C 65 at low temperatures. Most people want an alloy like O1 to have good strength, hardness, and wear resistance.

O'Hare Tool Steel Round Stock

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