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O1 Steel

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O1 Steel: Uncompromising Performance in Heavy-Duty Applications

O1 steel, also known as oil-hardening tool steel, is a popular choice among professionals in the metalworking industry. It is a general-purpose tool steel that offers a combination of excellent wear resistance, toughness, and good dimensional stability. Let’s explore the key aspects of O1 tool steel, including its applications, machinability, and weldability.

Applications of 01 Tool Steel

01 tool steel finds extensive use in a wide range of applications that require high-performance tooling and cutting equipment. Its exceptional wear resistance and toughness make it suitable for various tool and die applications, including:

  1. Blades and Knives: It’s ability to retain a sharp edge, combined with its durability, makes it an excellent choice for manufacturing blades and knives. It is commonly used in the production of woodworking tools, hand tools, and industrial cutting blades.

  2. Punches and Dies: The steel’s hardness and resistance to deformation make it ideal for creating punches and dies used in stamping and forming operations. It can withstand high impact forces and maintain its shape even under repetitive use.

  3. Tooling Components: This is widely employed for tooling components such as gauges, jigs, fixtures, and precision measuring instruments. Its dimensional stability ensures accurate and reliable results in various machining and manufacturing processes.

Machinability and Weldability of O1 Steel

Machinability: O1 steel demonstrates good machinability, allowing for efficient shaping and forming processes. It can be easily machined using conventional techniques such as milling, turning, drilling, and grinding. However, due to its high carbon content, O1 steel requires appropriate tooling and cutting parameters to minimize heat buildup and ensure proper chip control.

Weldability: 01 tool steel has fair weldability, but it is important to take precautions during the welding process. Preheating the steel before welding and using low hydrogen welding electrodes or filler materials can help minimize the risk of cracking. Post-weld heat treatment is often recommended to relieve residual stresses and restore the steel’s desired properties.

Overall, 01 tool steel’s combination of hardness, wear resistance, toughness, and machinability makes it a versatile option for a wide range of tooling and cutting applications. Its performance and reliability have made it a trusted choice among professionals in industries such as manufacturing, metalworking, woodworking, and more.




Melting point 

Hardness, Brinell 

Hardness, Rockwell

Modulus of Elasticity 

Specific Gravity 

Thermal expansion 

Elastic modulus 

 0.282 lb/in3

85-90% of a 1%



C 34.0-64.0

31 x 106 psi


6/ºC 20-260

28000 ksi

Chemical Properties





















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