Tool steels represent the variety of hard and abrasion resistant steels that are perfect for making tools.

Featured Tool SteelsWe do maintain our inventory of tool steels that are suited for machining and cutting metals like carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, nickel alloys, and magnesium. They have their main characteristics that are harder compared to the material that is machined and cut. Thus, tool steels always tend to be more capable enough to undergo heat-treated condition.

Our expansion of metal and steel production is used in multiple applications like seamless rolled rings, shafts, blocks, discs & hubs, flanges, and other forgings that can be machined to desired finishes. We perform custom manufacturing of tool steel forgings in order to meet the following international standards in steel working (e.g. AMS, ASTM, ASME, NACE and other corporate specifications) which includes the custom lengths as well as odd sizes. Our unique procedures and techniques are intended for both standard and non-standard specifications to meet and exceed the varying needs of the customer-specified applications.

Titanium can be forged into parts and components like bars, disks, blocks, shafts, flanges, seamless rolled rings, hubs, rings, and seamless contoured rolled rings.

O’Hare Precision Metals sees to it that we can produce a multitude of tool steel materials in all types and groups such as oil hardening, air hardening, shock resisting, water hardening, hot working, cold working, mold steels, high speed, and special purpose tool steels. Request a Quote now for your product requirement!