Titanium is an important alloying agent to create materials that are applied in aircraft and spacecraft construction.

As compliance with the heavy demands of customers across both local and international areas, O’Hare Precision Metals determines to maintain its full boom of steel and metal production.


Along with our product line, we also stock titanium and titanium alloys for a its wide distribution specifically in aerospace and aircraft engine applications. The abilities of titanium alloys to withstand a higher level of temperatures are mostly what industrial engineers and manufacturers sought for.

Titanium can be forged into parts and components like bars, disks, blocks, shafts, flanges, seamless rolled rings, hubs, rings, and seamless contoured rolled rings.

Along with our extended facilities, we continue to go on with our expansion of titanium production and distribution to different industries. We also machine and forge our products to the finest, ensuring high tolerance and precision are met at each phase of the operation – to unlock quality and for maximum customer satisfaction.

We also offer value-added services like cold and hot forming, cutting, heat treating, rolling and machining. You can contact our staff and submit us a Quote for the material that you need.