x15tn steel

X15tn Stainless Steel has nitrogen to partially replace carbon.

High Quality x15tn steel

Carbon has been partially replaced by nitrogen in the production of X15TN Stainless.

A standard melting procedure, which includes the addition of nitrogen, results in a saturation level of approximately 0.20 percent in steels containing 13-17 percent Cr—also, incorporating carbon into the mix results in a material with a minimum hardness of 55 or 58 HRC and a eutectic carbide microstructure.

O'Hare X15TN Stainless

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Why Get the X15tn Steel? 

l is high-quality stainless steel that is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. It is used in many industries, including food, chemical, marine, and aerospace. x15tn stainless steel advantages: X15TN is one of the most versatile and durable types of stainless steel available on the market. It has excellent resistance to corrosion, rusting, and pitting.

X15tn stainless has also been proven to be extremely resistant to impact damage; this makes it ideal for use in a wide variety of industrial applications where it will endure an extensive amount of wear and tear without compromising its strength or integrity.

It is also a type of alloy steel that is used for manufacturing tools, utensils, and other products. It has high strength and hardness. The advantage of using X15tn steel is that it can be cut into sheets without the need for additional tempering or heat treatment. This property makes it easier to manufacture parts in large quantities at a low cost.

X15tn stainless steel has increased resistance to corrosion compared to other types of stainless steel such as 304L or 316L. It also has an increased resistance to pitting corrosion which makes it suitable for use in corrosive environments.

Machinability & Welding

The elements molybdenum and vanadium are responsible for secondary hardening. These elements replace chromium in the precipitates, which is a good thing. Even when tempering at high temperatures, the chromium concentration in the matrix is maintained at a high level, which contributes to improved corrosion resistance in the finished product.


It is undoubtedly a big help in many industries because of its incredible characteristics. Surgical instruments, cutting devices, gouges, drills, gouges, and reamers are some of the many applications of X15TN Stainless.

X15TN Steel Properties

Heat treatment T + Rv 


Solution treat 


500°C 57


950° F

400° F

Chemical Properties















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A lot of people are wondering what the x15tn stainless steel is. If you don’t know, it is a type of stainless steel that is used in many industries. It has a higher resistance to corrosion than other types of stainless steel and can be used for applications like food processing equipment and water treatment systems.

x15tn Stainless Steel is commonly used in food processing equipment, water treatment systems, and more. X15tn steel is a type of stainless steel that is used in various industries. It has a hardness of 15-16 and can be used for manufacturing products such as kitchenware, utensils, and cutlery.

X15tn stainless is known for its high corrosion resistance and durability. The company that manufactures it also offers a variety of finishing options including mirror polish and satin finish to suit different needs.

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