Bearing shaft quality bars are exclusively intended for parts that require grinding, polishing, and machining.

Bearing Shaft Quality BarO’Hare Precision Metals brings Bearing shaft quality in products that are made to withstand highly corrosive environments. Bearing shaft quality is primarily used for supporting oscillating or sliding, rotating shaft, wheel, or pivot. Bearings are produced with the right and specific Internal Diameter (ID) dimensions. They are ground to exact and required tolerances under the dimension to allow a slip fit. This type of finish gives way for more smooth finished round bars, which are used mainly for supporting shafts.

The non-galling and non-seizing properties that bearing shafts rounds possess make them ideal for moving structure parts and components. Bearing shaft quality products are usually made from austenitic stainless steels which allow it to be highly applicable in environments desiring low magnetic permeability. They are mostly used for shafts as well as aircraft structure parts, screws, bolts, gears, valve trim, valves, screw machine products, and machine parts.

Bearing shaft rounds are usually made out stainless steels for those parts that require grinding, machining, and polishing where excellent resistance to corrosion is also required. It exhibits non-galling and non-seizing properties that are ideal for moving components and parts. Austenitic steels are mostly useful in an environment that requires low magnetic permeability.

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