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446 Stainless Steel Bar

446 Stainless Steel Bar

Stay Strong at High Temperatures with 446 Stainless Steel Bar

Forge Ahead with Confidence Using 446 Stainless Steel Bar

Built to Last - Trust in the Superior Strength of 446 Stainless Steel Bar

446 stainless steel bar is known for its remarkable heat resistance, making it highly resistant to oxidation, sulfidation, and other forms of hot corrosion. Even though this alloy is non-hardenable, it exhibits mechanical solidity and superior corrosion resistance at extremely high temperatures, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring high-temperature resistance.

Due to its high chromium content, the 446 round bar has a low degree of elasticity, which can affect its bending and forming properties. Therefore, low bending rates, edge preparation, and preheating to 250-400°F are recommended to achieve good bending and forming results. Additionally, the impact transition temperature for this grade is slightly higher than average.

With its excellent heat and corrosion resistance at high temperatures, the steel bar is the go-to choice for furnace parts, chemical and petrochemical processing equipment, and other high-temperature applications. Trust in the durability and strength of these bars for your critical applications.

Machinability and other Processes

446 steel alloy is a martensitic or magnetic stainless steel alloy that contains 25% chromium, 0.1% carbon, and 0.1% manganese. The carbon concentration of 0.1-1.2% and chromium concentration of 10-15% are the two most crucial factors influencing its machinability. With a machinability rating of 36%, this steel alloy has high toughness due to its low carbon content, making it highly malleable.

When machining a 446 round bar, the most challenging part is breaking the chips apart. Therefore, it is recommended to use a sharp cutting edge with a tight chip breaker, particularly when cutting wood. This also means inserts designed for austenitic stainless alloys can perform well on 446 stainless steel.

In addition, annealing is recommended at 1550-1650°F, followed by a quick cooling to room temperature. This process can significantly improve the machinability of 446 stainless steel and help prevent any potential cracking or brittleness. Trust in the toughness and malleability of 446 stainless steel for your high-temperature applications.


446 round bar or, UNS S44600, is a high-chromium ferritic stainless steel known for its remarkable resistance to high-temperature oxidation and corrosion. It has a wide range of applications, including:

  • Heat exchangers: Ideal for residential and industrial heat exchangers due to its excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures.

  • Furnace components: Well-suited for furnace parts like radiant tubes, muffles, retorts, and other components exposed to extreme heat and corrosive environments.

  • Gas turbine parts: Used in gas turbines for combustion chambers, burner nozzles, and heat shields, offering resilience in high temperatures and harsh combustion settings.

  • Chemical processing equipment: Suitable for reactors, columns, and pipes handling corrosive chemicals and high-temperature fluids, thanks to its corrosion resistance.

  • Refinery equipment: Used in the oil and gas industry for distillation columns, catalytic crackers, and heat exchangers, withstanding the corrosive effects of petroleum products and high temperatures.

  • Welding fixtures: With high-temperature strength and oxidation resistance, it is employed in welding fixtures and jigs to withstand the heat generated during welding processes.

  • Food processing equipment: Widely used in the food industry due to its corrosion resistance and hygienic properties, finding applications in ovens, grills, racks, and trays.

  • Exhaust systems: Suitable for automotive and industrial exhaust systems, including exhaust manifolds, mufflers, and catalytic converters, due to its high-temperature oxidation resistance.

  • Power generation: Utilized in power plants for boiler tubes, superheater tubing, and coal gasifier internals, enduring high temperatures and corrosive gases.

  • Aerospace applications: Applied in aerospace components such as jet engine parts, afterburner liners, and exhaust ducts, where it withstands high temperatures and corrosive conditions.



Ultimate Tensile strength 

Tensile  Yield strength 

Thermal expansion co-efficient 

Thermal conductivity 

Elongation at break 

Elastic modulus 

Poisson’s ratio 

0.282 lb/in³

79800 psi

50000 psi

5.78 µin/in°F

150 BTU in/hr.ft².°F


29000 ksi


Chemical Properties








Iron 73


23.0 – 27.0







When purchasing stainless steel bars, the options can be overwhelming. That’s why the 446 round bar is a popular choice for many buyers. Not only is it affordable, but it is also highly durable and reliable.

446 stainless steel bar is a special alloy that boasts high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, and a high melting point, making it an ideal material for high-temperature applications. With its long service life and ease of machining, many manufacturing companies rely on bar stocks in their production processes.

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