1045 Carbon Steel

1045 Carbon Steel Round bar can be welded and machined with relative ease. That is why it is used for a variety of applications.

1045 Carbon Steel

This bar is a medium Carbon engineering steel that can be flame or induction hardened, as well as thoroughly hardened.

It is used for a variety of applications. Metals such as 1045 Carbon can be welded and machined with relative ease if the proper techniques are used.

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Machinability and other Processes

The normalized or hot-rolled state of 1045 Carbon steel provides excellent weldability, machinability, high strength, and impact properties. At the same time, the normalized form provides superior weldability.

Because of the low through-hardening capabilities of AISI 1045 steel, it is recommended that only portions of approximately 60 mm in size be used for tempering and through-hardening.


Spindles, gears, rolls, axles, shafts, worms, bolts, ratchets, hydraulic clamps, studs, crankshafts are only a few of the many applications of 1045 Carbon.

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Shear Modulus 

Modulus of Elasticity

Bulk Modulus 

Ultimate Tensile Strength 

Yield Tensile Strength 

Elongation at Break  

Reduction of Area 

Poissons Ratio 

0.284 lb/in3

11600 ksi

29000 ksi

20300 ksi

81900 psi

45000 psi

16.0 %

40.0 %


Chemical Properties







0.420 – 0.50

0.60 – 0.90



1045 Steel Bar Applications

The 1045 steel bar is a type of steel round bar that is made from a strong type of steel. The most common application for this type of product would be in the construction industry, but it can also be used for other purposes like machine parts and other products that require a high-strength material.

This is a medium carbon, low alloy steel. 1045 round steel bar is produced in the form of hot rolled and cold drawn. The material is typically supplied in the annealed condition and must be heat treated to develop the required mechanical properties. It is very versatile steel and can be used for many different applications. It is often used for structural components in construction, as well as in metal forming operations.

The round bar has high strength and good impact resistance. It also has good weldability and machinability, making it a popular choice among metalworkers and engineers.

Why Buy 1045 Steel Round Bar

The most common application for 1045 steel round bar would be in the construction industry, but it can also be used for other purposes like machine parts and other products that require a high-strength material.

Round bar has a few desirable qualities, such as good weldability and machinability. 1045 steel is also known for its ability to be tempered to a higher hardness without becoming brittle.

The 1045 steel bar is one of the most common types of carbon steel in the market. It is used in many industries because it has good corrosion resistance, good weldability, and good machinability.

1045 steel round bar is a kind of steel that has good toughness and strength. The most common use of this metal is in the manufacture of gears, axles, shafts, and other machine parts.

This type of steel is also highly resistant to corrosion from saltwater or freshwater environments. It’s important to note that a 1045 steel round bar should not be used in environments where it will be exposed to sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid.

1045 round bar advantages:

– Good toughness

– High resistance to corrosion

1045 Round Bar Suppliers

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