Monel Bar Stock

Monel Bar Stock is a highly sought-after alloy that has earned a lot of recognition from varying industries and manufacturing services due to its sheer strength and aesthetic appeal.

Monel Bar Stock

Our high-performance alloys like Monel bars are best for elevated temperatures and corrosive environments.

Monel Bar

O’Hare Precision Metals stock Monel bars that are machined out from high-performance nickel grades that can withstand corrosive environments like seawater and steam as well as too caustic and salt solutions.

nickel round bar is generally resistant to corrosion even in a wide variation of media. Monel is characterized by good weldability, moderation to high strength, and general corrosion resistance.

This type of nickel round bar alloy has been widely used in various applications. Aside from resisting properties against corrosion, the Monel bar can also resist the rapid flow of brackish and seawater. Monel bars are magnetic at room temperature which allows them to be widely used in oil, chemical, and marine industries.

Why is Monel Bar popular?

The Monel bar stock is a type of alloy which is primarily composed of nickel and iron. It has good resistance to corrosion and oxidation. It has many benefits for the industrial sector. It can be used in a variety of applications ranging from shipbuilding to oil drilling. One reason for its popularity is that it can be easily machined into various shapes, which makes it cost-effective and easy to use.

Here are more reasons for Monel round bar stock’s popularity;

  • High strength-to-weight ratio

High quality Monel bar is also known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it suitable for use in heavy engineering projects as well as other applications in the automotive industry and aerospace industry.

  • Good chemical properties

It is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy that has been used in the manufacturing industry for many years. It is corrosion resistant, has good electrical and thermal conductivity, and is often used in gas turbines.

The Monel round bar and nickel round bar is an alloy of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum with a composition of 55% nickel, 30% chromium, and 15% molybdenum. It has a tensile strength of up to 1500 MPa (20000 psi)

  • High corrosion resistance

It is widely used in the aerospace industry as it provides high corrosion resistance. This material also offers high fatigue resistance as well as excellent creep rupture toughness. It can be welded easily and can be machined with relative

  • Lots of variations

Monel is a type of steel that is used for making bars. Monel bar is corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic metal with good strength and hardness. Monel comes in different grades, the most common being Monel 400, 600, and 800. Also, the Monel bar is also available in a variety of shapes, including round bars, square bars, and hexagonal bars.

  • Lots of uses

 The Monel round bar stock and the nickel round bar is perfect for applications where it must be welded or machined to form complex shapes. They can also be used to make bearings, gears, shafts, valve parts, and other components. Also, Monel bar stock is a type of metal that is made from Monel metal and has been used for various industrial applications, including electrical connectors, machine parts, piping, and automotive components.

Monel round bar stocks are typically used in the construction industry, where they are used to produce a wide range of products such as reinforcing bars, wire rods, pipes, fittings, and many more. Monel bar types can also be found in the aerospace industry, where they are often used to create parts for aircraft or jet engines.

Below you will find a chart containing details on the available titanium alloy round bar stock size that we have available:  

Titanium Nickel Alloy Shaft Sizes

OHARE1/4 inches0.25 inches6.35 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³0.187 lbs/ft0.2782934 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE9/32 inches0.281 inches7.1374 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³0.237 lbs/ft0.3527034 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE5/16 inches0.312 inches7.9248 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³0.293 lbs/ft0.4360426 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE11/32 inches0.343 inches8.7122 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³0.354 lbs/ft0.5268228 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE3/8 inches0.375 inches9.525 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³0.421 lbs/ft0.6265322 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE13/32 inches0.406 inches10.3124 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³0.495 lbs/ft0.736659 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE7/16 inches0.437 inches11.0998 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³0.574 lbs/ft0.8542268 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE15/32 inches0.468 inches11.8872 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³0.649 lbs/ft0.9658418 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1/2 inches0.5 inches12.7 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³0.749 lbs/ft1.1146618 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE17/32 inches0.531 inches13.4874 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³0.846 lbs/ft1.2590172 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE9/16 inches0.562 inches14.2748 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³0.948 lbs/ft1.4108136 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE19/32 inches0.593 inches15.0622 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1.06 lbs/ft1.577492 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE5/8 inches0.625 inches15.875 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1.17 lbs/ft1.741194 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE21/32 inches0.656 inches16.6624 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1.29 lbs/ft1.919778 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE11/16 inches0.687 inches17.4498 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1.42 lbs/ft2.113244 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE23/32 inches0.718 inches18.2372 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1.55 lbs/ft2.30671 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE3/4 inches0.75 inches19.05 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1.690 lbs/ft2.515058 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE25/32 inches0.781 inches19.8374 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1.83 lbs/ft2.723406 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE25/32 inches0.781 inches19.8374 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1.83 lbs/ft2.723406 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE13/16 inches0.812 inches20.6248 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1.98 lbs/ft2.946636 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE27/32 inches0.843 inches21.4122 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³2.13 lbs/ft3.169866 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE7/8 inches0.875 inches22.225 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³2.29 lbs/ft3.407978 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE29/32 inches0.906 inches23.0124 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³2.46 lbs/ft3.660972 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE15/16 inches0.937 inches23.7998 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³2.63 lbs/ft3.913966 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE31/32 inches0.968 inches24.5872 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³2.81 lbs/ft4.181842 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 inches1 inches25.4 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³3.00 lbs/ft4.4646 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 1/32 inches1.031 inches26.1874 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³3.19 lbs/ft4.747358 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 1/16 inches1.062 inches26.9748 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³3.38 lbs/ft5.030116 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 3/32 inches1.093 inches27.7622 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³3.59 lbs/ft5.342638 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 1/8 inches1.125 inches28.575 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³3.79 lbs/ft5.640278 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 5/32 inches1.156 inches29.3624 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³4.01 lbs/ft5.967682 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 3/16 inches1.187 inches30.1498 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³4.23 lbs/ft6.295086 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 7/32 inches1.218 inches30.9372 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³4.45 lbs/ft6.62249 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 1/4 inches1.25 inches31.75 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³4.68 lbs/ft6.964776 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 9/32 inches1.281 inches32.5374 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³4.92 lbs/ft7.321944 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 5/16 inches1.312 inches33.3248 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³5.16 lbs/ft7.679112 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 11/32 inches1.343 inches34.1122 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³5.410 lbs/ft8.051162 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 3/8 inches1.375 inches34.925 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³5.67 lbs/ft8.438094 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 13/32 inches1.406 inches35.7124 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³5.93 lbs/ft8.825026 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 7/16 inches1.437 inches36.4998 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³6.19 lbs/ft9.211958 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 15/32 inches1.468 inches37.2872 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³6.46 lbs/ft9.613772 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 1/2 inches1.5 inches38.1 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³6.74 lbs/ft10.030468 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 9/16 inches1.562 inches39.6748 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³7.32 lbs/ft10.893624 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 5/8 inches1.625 inches41.275 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³7.91 lbs/ft11.771662 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 11/16 inches1.687 inches42.8498 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³8.53 lbs/ft12.694346 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 3/4 inches1.75 inches44.45 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³9.18 lbs/ft13.661676 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 13/16 inches1.812 inches46.0248 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³9.85 lbs/ft14.65877 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 7/8 inches1.875 inches47.625 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³10.5 lbs/ft15.6261 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE1 15/16 inches1.937 inches49.1998 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³11.3 lbs/ft16.81666 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 inches2 inches50.8 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³12.00 lbs/ft17.8584 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 1/16 inches2.062 inches52.3748 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³12.700 lbs/ft18.90014 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 1/8 inches2.125 inches53.975 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³13.5 lbs/ft20.0907 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 3/16 inches2.187 inches55.5498 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³14.3 lbs/ft21.28126 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 1/4 inches2.25 inches57.15 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³15.2 lbs/ft22.62064 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 5/16 inches2.312 inches58.7248 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³16 lbs/ft23.8112 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 3/8 inches2.375 inches60.325 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³16.9 lbs/ft25.15058 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 7/16 inches2.437 inches61.8998 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³17.8 lbs/ft26.48996 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 1/2 inches2.5 inches63.5 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³18.700 lbs/ft27.82934 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 9/16 inches2.562 inches65.0748 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³19.7 lbs/ft29.31754 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 5/8 inches2.625 inches66.675 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³20.7 lbs/ft30.80574 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 11/16 inches2.687 inches68.2498 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³21.6 lbs/ft32.14512 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 3/4 inches2.75 inches69.85 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³22.7 lbs/ft33.78214 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 13/16 inches2.812 inches71.4248 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³23.7 lbs/ft35.27034 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 7/8 inches2.875 inches73.025 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³24.8 lbs/ft36.90736 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE2 15/16 inches2.937 inches74.5998 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³25.9 lbs/ft38.54438 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE3 inches3 inches76.2 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³27.0 lbs/ft40.1814 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE3 1/8 inches3.125 inches79.375 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³29.30 lbs/ft43.60426 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE3 1/4 inches3.25 inches82.55 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³31.7 lbs/ft47.17594 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE3 3/8 inches3.3750 inches85.725 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³34.1 lbs/ft50.74762 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE3 1/2 inches3.5 inches88.9 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³36.7 lbs/ft54.61694 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE3 5/8 inches3.6250 inches92.075 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³39.4 lbs/ft58.63508 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE3 5/8 inches3.6250 inches92.075 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³39.4 lbs/ft58.63508 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE3 3/4 inches3.75 inches95.25 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³42.1 lbs/ft62.65322 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE3 7/8 inches3.8750 inches98.425 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³45.00 lbs/ft66.969 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE4 inches4 inches101.6 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³48 lbs/ft71.4336 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE4 1/8 inches4.1250 inches104.775 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³51.000 lbs/ft75.8982 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE4 1/4 inches4.25 inches107.95 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³54.1 lbs/ft80.51162 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE4 3/8 inches4.3750 inches111.125 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³57.4 lbs/ft85.42268 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE4 1/2 inches4.5 inches114.3 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³60.7 lbs/ft90.33374 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE4 3/4 inches4.75 inches120.65 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³67.6 lbs/ft100.60232 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE5 inches5 inches127 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³74.9 lbs/ft111.46618 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE5 1/4 inches5.25 inches133.35 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³82.6 lbs/ft122.92532 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE5 1/2 inches5.5 inches139.7 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³90.7 lbs/ft134.97974 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE5 3/4 inches5.75 inches146.05 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³99.1 lbs/ft147.48062 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE6 inches6 inches152.4 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³108 lbs/ft160.7256 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE6 1/4 inches6.250 inches158.75 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³117 lbs/ft174.1194 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE6 1/2 inches6.500 inches165.1 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³127 lbs/ft189.0014 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE6 3/4 inches6.750 inches171.45 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³137 lbs/ft203.8834 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE7 inches7.00 inches177.8 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³147 lbs/ft218.7654 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE7 1/4 inches7.250 inches184.15 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³158 lbs/ft235.1356 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE7 1/2 inches7.500 inches190.5 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³169 lbs/ft251.5058 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE7 3/4 inches7.750 inches196.85 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³180 lbs/ft267.876 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE8 inches8.00 inches203.2 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³192 lbs/ft285.7344 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE8 1/4 inches8.250 inches209.55 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³204 lbs/ft303.5928 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE8 1/2 inches8.500 inches215.9 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³217 lbs/ft322.9394 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE8 3/4 inches8.750 inches222.25 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³229 lbs/ft340.7978 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE9 inches9.00 inches228.6 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³243 lbs/ft361.6326 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE9 1/4 inches9.250 inches234.95 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³256 lbs/ft380.9792 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE9 1/2 inches9.500 inches241.3 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³270 lbs/ft401.814 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE9 3/4 inches9.750 inches247.65 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³285 lbs/ft424.137 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE10 inches10.00 inches254 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³300 lbs/ft446.46 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE10 1/4 inches10.250 inches260.35 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³315 lbs/ft468.783 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE10 1/2 inches10.50 inches266.7 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³330 lbs/ft491.106 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE10 3/4 inches10.750 inches273.05 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³346 lbs/ft514.9172 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE11 inches11.00 inches279.4 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³363 lbs/ft540.2166 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE11 1/4 inches11.250 inches285.75 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³379 lbs/ft564.0278 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE11 1/2 inches11.50 inches292.1 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³396 lbs/ft589.3272 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE11 3/4 inches11.750 inches298.45 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³414 lbs/ft616.1148 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE12 inches12.00 inches304.8 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³432 lbs/ft642.9024 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE12 1/4 inches12.250 inches311.15 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³450 lbs/ft669.69 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE12 1/2 inches12.50 inches317.5 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³468 lbs/ft696.4776 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE12 3/4 inches12.750 inches323.85 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³487 lbs/ft724.7534 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE13 inches13.00 inches330.2 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³507 lbs/ft754.5174 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE13 1/4 inches13.250 inches336.55 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³526 lbs/ft782.7932 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE13 1/2 inches13.50 inches342.9 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³546 lbs/ft812.5572 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE13 3/4 inches13.750 inches349.25 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³567 lbs/ft843.8094 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE14 inches14.00 inches355.6 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³587 lbs/ft873.5734 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE14 inches14.00 inches355.6 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³587 lbs/ft873.5734 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE14 1/4 inches14.250 inches361.95 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³609 lbs/ft906.3138 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE14 1/4 inches14.250 inches361.95 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³609 lbs/ft906.3138 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE14 1/4 inches14.250 inches361.95 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³609 lbs/ft906.3138 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE14 1/2 inches14.50 inches368.3 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³630 lbs/ft937.566 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE14 3/4 inches14.750 inches374.65 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³652 lbs/ft970.3064 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE15 inches15.00 inches381 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³674 lbs/ft1003.0468 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE15 1/4 inches15.250 inches387.35 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³697 lbs/ft1037.2754 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE15 1/2 inches15.50 inches393.7 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³720 lbs/ft1071.504 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE15 3/4 inches15.750 inches400.05 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³743 lbs/ft1105.7326 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE16 inches16.00 inches406.4 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³767 lbs/ft1141.4494 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE16 1/4 inches16.250 inches412.75 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³791 lbs/ft1177.1662 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE16 1/2 inches16.50 inches419.1 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³816 lbs/ft1214.3712 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE16 3/4 inches16.750 inches425.45 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³841 lbs/ft1251.5762 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE17 inches17.00 inches431.8 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³866 lbs/ft1288.7812 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE17 1/4 inches17.250 inches438.15 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³892 lbs/ft1327.4744 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE17 1/2 inches17.500 inches444.5 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³918 lbs/ft1366.1676 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE17 3/4 inches17.750 inches450.85 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³944 lbs/ft1404.8608 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE18 inches18.00 inches457.2 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³971 lbs/ft1445.0422 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE18 1/4 inches18.250 inches463.55 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³998 lbs/ft1485.2236 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE18 1/2 inches18.500 inches469.9 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1026 lbs/ft1526.8932 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE18 3/4 inches18.750 inches476.25 mm/td>0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1054 lbs/ft1568.5628 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE19 inches19.00 inches482.6 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1082 lbs/ft1610.2324 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE19 1/4 inches19.250 inches488.95 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1111 lbs/ft1653.3902 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE19 1/2 inches19.500 inches495.3 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1140 lbs/ft1696.548 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE19 3/4 inches19.750 inches501.65 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1169 lbs/ft1739.7058 kg/mGET A QUOTE
OHARE20 inches20.00 inches508 mm0.319 lbs/in³8.82989 g/cm³1199 lbs/ft1784.3518 kg/mGET A QUOTE