We at O’Hare Precision Metals boast of our centerless ground bar and precision grinding services but that isn’t just all that we provide.

Featured Medical Steels

We make sure to stock up on a variety of metals, alloys, and steels to provide our clients with only the best material available and medical grade stainless steel is no exception. 

Our capabilities in producing medical stainless steels and medical grade round bar stocks are more often than not in high demand by our clients that are scientists and medical specialists that specialize in the biochemical, sanitary, and surgical industry and are in need of a metal that best applies to them.

These medical steels are made out of highly specialized steel grades that can withstand severely stringent environments and conditions like cleansing and sterilization.

Certain steel grades are carefully picked to fit particular uses and environments as well as to meet important criteria set in each designated area of application. We have a variety of medical steels that come in whatever size and form that you need, as steels like these are used for surgeries and other highly important scientific operations.

The best medical grade that can be used in forging medical tools is the stainless steel 304 which exhibits excellent mechanical properties namely: high corrosion resistance, hardenability, rustproof, high heat resistance, recyclability, and antibacterial properties. 

They are best suited for manufacturing medical devices such as scalpels, medical clamps, scissors, and knives all of which are subjected to withstand extreme chemicals and acids in cleansing and sterilization.

We can come up with a multitude of ideas on how to better innovate certain techniques that we may have and explore different ways to continuously provide full production and distribution of our medical-grade stainless steel products to all our varied customers. 

We set the following criteria on our own and constantly check the quality control through the proper inspection of our products for their consistency and high accuracy.


Our medical steels are made from superior medical grades that can withstand cleansing and sterilization for safer operations.

If you would like to learn more about the kinds of medical steel that we produce and ship out, then please see our product availability in regards to medical stainless steel, then send us a quote for any of your product requirements.

Being known to be a reliable partner for every medical device or tool supplier, O’hare Precision Metals is efficient in providing high-quality medical steel bars available in precision and centerless ground bar forms to allow the medical tool and device manufacturers flexibility in their creation and manufacturing processes.

Knowing that specific medical steel grades and elements are crucial to the daily operations in the medical field, medical tools, and device manufacturers should only partner with a metal supplier capable of only providing safe and exceptionally processed metal bars and rods that have undergone excellent centerless and precision grinding services making it biocompatible to a patient’s body.

Moreover, with the vast number of medical applications like biomedical implants, transplants, cosmetic and plastic surgeries, it is only necessary that a medical tool and device manufacturer should be able to acquire accurate forms and sizes and O’hare Precision Metals is proud to present that their centerless and precision grinding services can provide the necessary industry-specific forms and sizes on tools and devices.

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