Carbon Steels



Not only do we excel in precision grinding services but we are also known to provide our clients with excellent carbon steel round stock.

Featured Carbon Steels

At O’Hare Precision Metals we produce quality cold rolled steel bar and centerless ground bar stock that are available in various grades and shapes. We are a carbon steel round bar supplier that frequently stocks up on cold rolled bar carbon steels that come in a variety of grades, forms, sizes, as well as finishes.

The range of the elements found in carbon steels like carbon and manganese enables the development of the vast range of toughness, strength, and wear resistance characteristics.

The increased carbon and manganese content allow high levels of strength and hardness after a heat-treated condition. In addition, it will also lead to optimum combined strength, toughness, hardness, and wear resistance that is obtained through carbon steel analysis ranges.

As the percentage of carbon increases, carbon steels tend to become stronger and harder after a heat treatment.

We have an extensive range of cold rolled bar carbon steels – from low carbons, medium carbons, and up to high carbons. We work on expanding our capabilities in the production of materials that earn such a heavy demand from varying industries.

To meet the high requirements and requests of our customers, we also perform essential machining operations for any of your manufacturing and industrial requirements.