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8620 Round Bar

Enhance Performance with 8620 Round Bar - The Perfect Balance of Strength and Machinability.

8620 Round Bar - Strength and Versatility Combined

Get Ahead with 8620 Round Bar - The Reliable Choice for Superior Toughness

Hardened and tempered 8620 carbon steel is a highly versatile material known for its exceptional strength and toughness. It finds extensive applications across multiple industries. Common uses include gears, axles, crankshafts, and other components in the automotive and aerospace sectors. It is also utilized in structural components, tooling, and fasteners for its reliable performance in demanding environments. 

With its excellent combination of strength, toughness, and machinability, 8620 steel round bar is a preferred choice for various high-tensile applications, ensuring reliable performance and durability.

Machinability & Welding

When properly hardened and tempered, 8620 steel round bar can also be used as high tensile steel (uncarburized), which can be used for various applications requiring high tensile strength and adequate toughness.


The applications of 8620 steel round bar are vast and diverse, making it an essential material in various industries. Its exceptional properties and durability make it suitable for a wide range of applications. Some of the applications:

  • Pins and Pinions: The strength and wear resistance of 8620 carbon steel make it ideal for manufacturing pins and pinions used in machinery, automotive transmissions, and gear systems.
  • Bushings and Sleeves: It is commonly useful for manufacturing bushings and sleeves that provide support and reduce friction in rotating or sliding applications.
  • Shafts: The high tensile strength and toughness of 8620 carbon steel make it suitable for producing shafts used in heavy machinery, power transmission systems, and automotive components.
  • Bearings: 8620 carbon steel bar is often helpful to manufacture bearings that require high load-bearing capacity and wear resistance, such as in automotive wheel bearings and industrial machinery.
  • Arbors: It is popular in the production of arbors, which are cylindrical devices used for holding or rotating tools in various applications, including machining and woodworking.
  • Ratchets: The toughness and durability of this alloy steel make it a preferred choice for manufacturing ratchets used in hand tools, automotive equipment, and mechanical systems.
8620 steel round bar stock



Specific Heat 

Thermal Conductivity 

Ultimate Tensile Strength 

Yield Tensile Strength

Shear Strength 

Melting Point

0.284 lb/in3

1.14 x 10^-1 BTU/lb-°F

323 BTU-in/hr-ft^2-°F

92 ksi

52 ksi

59 ksi

2,580-2,650 °F

Chemical Properties










96.9 – 98.02

0.4 – 0.6

0.18 – 0.23

0.15 – 0.35

0.15 – 0.25

0.7 – 0.9

0.4 – 0.7



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