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1144 Round Bar

1144 round bar has a machinability rating of 83 percent, which is high compared to its similar kinds.

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1144 Carbon steel is medium carbon steel that has been resulphurized and has excellent machining and mechanical properties.

Because of its high sulfur content, this grade has a machinability rating of 83 percent when compared to 1212 steel; however, welding is a difficult task.

O'Hare 1144 Carbon Round Bar Stock

O’Hare Precision Metals can provide a wide range of company-supplied or customer-supplied components and materials. Just like how we can offer you the best 4340 Alloys bar stocks and 1144 Carbon steel in O’Hare! If you need steel with greater tensile strength and wear resistance than 1045 or 1018, 1144 Carbon from O’Hare is an excellent choice for machined parts that require more strength and wear resistance. Plus, It is available in a variety of sizes.

Machinability and other Processes

A special treatment has been applied to alleviate metal tensions caused by the manufacturing process, making it highly stable and long-lasting. 1144 is a machining grade free of carbon and manganese and has been severely cold worked to produce high tensile properties. It is a specially treated grade that is designed to relieve the stresses created by cold working, thereby reducing warpage tendencies after machining, which are common in ordinary cold-drawn bars.


There is no denying that 1144 Carbon steel has a ton of uses. Nuts, bolts, gears, screws, pumps, sleeves, and motors are its typical industrial applications.  The 1144 round bar is highly versatile and helpful in many different applications. It has a wide range of applications because it’s strong, durable, and cost-effective. For example, 1144 steel bar can be useful in construction for beams or columns, in automotive for pistons or suspension springs, or even in the medical field for surgical instruments.

1144 round bar stock



Tensile strength 

Yield strength 

Elongation at break 

Elastic modulus –

Bulk modulus 

Shear modulus 

Poisson’s ratio 

0.284 lb/in³

108000 psi

89900 psi


27557-30458 ksi

20300 ksi

11600 ksi


Chemical Properties





Iron 9


0.40 – 0.480

1.35 – 1.65

 0.240 – 0.330



Buy 1144 Round Bar

1144 steel bar is wide-width steel that are useful for various applications. The 1144 round bar is the most popular shape of steel. It is a round, solid steel bar with a diameter of 2 inches and a thickness of 1/4 inch. This type of steel is available in annealed, normalized and quenched, and tempered grades. 1144 steel bar is often called also call an 1144 round bar.

The 1144 round bar is highly versatile and can be used in many applications. It has many applications because it’s strong, durable, and cost-effective. For example, 1144 steel bars are popular in construction for beams or columns, automotive for pistons or suspension springs, or even in the medical field for surgical instruments.

There are many reasons why the 1144 round bar is a popular choice. It is a versatile material with a wide range of applications. The most common use of 1144 steel bars is in the construction industry. It makes structural beams, columns, and other structural components. In addition to this, it can also be used for general fabrication purposes, such as for making machine parts or any other products that require high strength and toughness properties.

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