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1026 Steel

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1026 Steel: Forge Ahead with Confidence and Superiority

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1026 steel is a low-carbon, mild steel alloy with approximately 0.22% to 0.28% carbon content. It falls under the category of carbon steel, known for its excellent weldability, formability, and machinability. Its balanced combination of strength and ductility makes it useful in various industries where toughness and versatility are essential.

Applications of 1026 Steel

The versatility of this steel makes it suitable for a wide range of applications across multiple industries. Here are some notable uses:

  • Automotive Industry: It finds extensive application in the automotive industry. It is popular in the manufacturing of components such as axles, shafts, crankshafts, connecting rods, and other structural parts. The steel’s excellent strength and fatigue resistance make it ideal for these demanding applications.
  • Machinery and Equipment: It is valuable in the production of machinery and equipment components. It is often employed in manufacturing gears, couplings, spindles, and hydraulic fittings. The steel’s versatility allows it to withstand high loads and provide reliable performance in various machinery applications.
  • Construction and Infrastructure: Due to its favorable mechanical properties, It is also useful in the construction and infrastructure sectors. It is helpful in the fabrication of structural components, including beams, columns, and supports. The steel’s weldability and formability enable it to be easily incorporated into diverse construction projects.
  • Agricultural Equipment: It is commonly found in the manufacturing of agricultural equipment and machinery. It is utilized for producing parts such as plow blades, tillage tools, and farm implement components. The steel’s toughness and resistance to wear and tear make it well-suited for agricultural applications.

Machinability of 1026 Steel

One of the key advantages of this steel is its excellent machinability. It offers ease of machining, allowing for efficient shaping, drilling, milling, turning, and other machining operations. Here are some aspects of its machinability:

  1. Chip Formation: It produces small, continuous chips during machining, reducing the risk of chip clogging or built-up edge on cutting tools. This characteristic facilitates smooth and uninterrupted machining processes.

  2. Cutting and Forming: It exhibits good cutting and forming properties. It can be readily cut into desired shapes, and its low carbon content ensures minimal deformation resistance during cutting and forming operations.

  3. Surface Finish: It can achieve a high-quality surface finish when machined properly. It responds well to various finishing operations, such as grinding, honing, and polishing, allowing for enhanced aesthetics and dimensional accuracy of machined components.

  4. Cost-Efficiency: The excellent machinability of this steel contributes to cost savings during the manufacturing process. Its ease of machining reduces production time and lowers overall manufacturing costs, making it an economical choice for machined parts.



Thermal conductivity 

Tensile strength 

Yield strength

Poisson’s ratio 

Bulk modulus 

Elastic modulus 

Shear modulus 

0.2839 lb/in³

360 BTU in/hr.ft².°F

71100 psi

60200 psi


20300 ksi

27557-30458 ksi

11600 ksi

Chemical Properties





0.22 – 0.28

0.6 – 0.9



1026 dom steel bar

What is 1026 DOM Tubing?

1026 DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) tubing refers to a specific type of mechanical tubing made from 1026 steel. DOM tubing is created by drawing a solid tube through a mandrel, which results in improved dimensional accuracy, smoothness, and enhanced mechanical properties.

1026 DOM tubing is known for its high tensile strength, yield strength, and uniformity throughout the tube. It is a popular choice for various applications that require precise tolerances, superior strength, and consistent performance.

Some common uses of 1026 DOM tubing include:

  • Automotive and Racing: 1026 DOM tubing is widely used in automotive and racing applications, such as roll cages, chassis components, suspension parts, and steering columns. Its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and consistent dimensions make it suitable for demanding structural requirements.
  • Machinery and Equipment: It finds application in the manufacturing of machinery and equipment components, including hydraulic cylinders, machine frames, conveyor systems, and agricultural machinery. Its uniformity and dimensional accuracy ensure a reliable and efficient operation.
  • Construction and Infrastructure: 1026 DOM tubing is utilized in the construction and infrastructure sectors for applications such as handrails, structural supports, and frameworks. Its strength and durability make it well-suited for heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Recreation and Sports Equipment: DOM tubing is also found in various recreational and sports equipment, such as bicycle frames, exercise equipment, and playground structures. Its precise dimensions and consistent properties contribute to the performance and safety of these products.

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