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Copper Precision Ground Bar Stock

Due to its mechanical and structural qualities, copper is a widely utilized commercial metal. Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity are the hallmarks of this metal. Also, the metal may be easily machined and produced because of its malleability and ductility. On top of that, it is resistant to corrosion.

Copper History

Copper has been used by humankind since the beginning of time. Humans used copper for the first time in large quantities. Those who began working with copper soon discovered that it could be quickly hammered into sheets, and then the sheets could be fashioned into ever-more-complex shapes as their expertise grew.

Copper metals were utilized when a mix of strength and durability was needed. Since the Middle Ages through the Industrial Revolution and to the present day, corrosion-resistant copper, bronze, and brass have been used for practical and ornamental purposes.

Copper Grades

Understanding copper grades helps you choose the suitable precision ground bar stock for casting and machining. the information below shows which one to buy from your dependable copper round bar supplier. Read more and learn the copper grades below;

Electrolytic Coppers

The electrolytic tough pitch copper is created from electrolytically purified copper cathode. The most common electrical copper grade is C1100. It is electrically conductive, exceeding 100% IACS. Also, Sulfur is less than 50 ppm.

Free-machining Copper

Let’s talk about free machining and why it is the best copper round bar stock for you. It is possible to generate a free-machining copper with slightly lower conductivity by adding alloying elements such as sulfur.

Sulfur and telluride improve machinability of free-machining coppers. Only 0.5 percent of the final product has these ingredients. Free machining coppers will benefit welding nozzles, electrical components, soldering iron tips, and torches. To be categorized as free-machining copper, it must contain sulfur and telluride.

Oxygen-free copper

Copper C10100 and C10200 are produced by induction melting premium cathode copper in nonoxidizing circumstances with powdered graphite baths and low hydrogen protective reducing atmospheres.

Pure copper

Pure copper is soft, ductile, and contains less than 0.7 percent impurities.C10100 to C13000 denote commercially pure copper grades. Dilute copper has minor alloying elements that change one or more of copper’s essential characteristics.

O’Hare Copper Round Bar Supplier

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