954 Bronze

954 Bronze

954 Bronze Round Bar Stock is a beautiful, durable and affordable metal.

954 Bronze

Are you looking for a beautiful, durable and affordable metal?

Introducing 954 bronze, it is a metal that is virtually maintenance-free and resists corrosion. Its high aluminum and iron content makes it a popular alloy for general use. For the best prices, buy 954 bronze from the best manufacturer!

O'Hare 954 Bronze

If you’re opting for a quality bronze alloy with the best strength, corrosion resistance, and metal-to-metal wear resistance, look no further. 954 bronze is the perfect option for you.

O’Hare Precision Metals can provide a wide range of company-supplied or customer-supplied components and materials. Just like how we can offer you the best 954 Bronze bar stocks and 954 Bronze round bar stocks in O’Hare!

Machinability & Welding

Aluminum Bronze 954 has a machinability rating of 60, which is higher than that of many other related alloys, making it an ideal choice for complicated machining applications.


Bushings, valve components, pumps, gears, pickling hooks, bearings, and baskets are just some of the many applications of 954 Bronze.



Tensile Strength

Yield Strength

Elongation in 

Yield Strength

0.295 lb/in3

85 ksi 5

32 ksi

2 12%

45 ksi

Chemical Properties

Copper 83

Aluminum 10-11.5

Iron 3-5

Nickel 1.5

Manganese 0.5






Buy 954 Bronze

Te 954 bronze from O’Hare Precision Metals is a high-quality product that has been used by many industries for decades. It has been used in construction, agriculture, mining, auto manufacturing, and many other fields that require strength and durability.

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