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360 Brass Round Bar

Get the perfect combination of strength and machinability with our 360 brass round bar.

Make your Project Shine with 360 Brass Round Bar

Invest in quality and performance with the durable 360 brass round bar.

360 brass round bar has properties similar to those of steel and is one of the most popular copper alloys in today’s world. It has the highest machinability rating among copper alloys and free machining brass. It is made from a combination of copper and zinc.

This is a high-density material that is ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications. It is also highly regarded for its highly polished surface finish. The surface of brass develops a thin protective “patina,” which, in contrast to steel and iron, will not rust even when exposed to the elements over time.

Machining of 360 brass bar is simple. Although it is ductile in its softened state, it is a solid material to work with. It retains its strength even when subjected to some of the most demanding conditions.

Machinability and other Processes

360 Brass bar is widely known for its superior corrosion resistance, high thermal and electrical conductivity, and excellent machinability. It has a 100 percent rating, making it the standard by which other copper alloys are measured and compared.

Despite its impressive properties, 360 Brass has limitations in certain applications. It has fair hot forming capabilities and inferior cold forming characteristics, which can make it unsuitable for some projects. Additionally, its soldering and brazing capabilities are only low to moderate, while welding is not recommended. However, when used within its limitations, 360 Brass can be a highly effective material for various applications.

Applications of 360 Brass Bar

Musical instruments such as horns, tubas, trumpets, trombones are the typical application of 360 brass bar. Also, it is useful in specific steel applications like bolts, nuts, fittings, pumps, shafts, connectors, valve stems, adapters, and couplings.

Properties of 360 Brass Bar


Ultimate Tensile Strength 

Yield Tensile Strength 

Machinability rate 

Modulus of Elasticity 

Shear Modulus 

Shear Strength 

Melting Point 

Elongation at break percentage 

Poissons Ratio

0.307 lb/in3

49,000-68,000 psi

18,000-45,000 psi


14,100 ksi

5,370 ksi

30,500-45,000 psi

1,630-1,650 F



Chemical Properties of 360 Brass Bar







O’Hare’s 360 Brass Round Bar

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Our selection of 360 brass bar supplies comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as hexagonal, square, and octagonal. Each rod has been expertly cut and polished on all sides to ensure a flawless finish. Our brass round bars are made using high-quality, domestically-sourced brass to ensure maximum durability and performance.

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