110 Copper

110 Copper

110 Copper Round Bar and Brass have excellent electrical, thermal conductivity, formability. That is why it is widely used in electrical and thermal engineering

Copper 110 Round bar

With its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and its formability, it is widely used in electrical and thermal engineering.

In addition, Copper-110 and Brass is corrosion resistant and has excellent workability in both hot and cold temperatures. Brazing is considered excellent, whereas soldering is considered superior.

O'Hare Copper 110 and Brass

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Machinability & Other Processes

Copper-110 Copper and Brass can be welded with care, but the inert gases required are generally not recommended for use with coppers due to their flammability. Also, when it is in a soft temper, it is extremely pliable, making it ideal for intricate ornamental work such as jewelry.

Moreover, with its low strength, it was necessary to use a heavy gauge of material. The use of soft temper copper is therefore not recommended for most infrastructure projects.


Among the many uses for Copper-110 and Brass are plumbing hardware, electromagnets, wiring, and telecommunication materials.



Ultimate Tensile Strength 

Melting Point

Yield Strength 

0.323 lb/in3

66,700 psi

1950-1980 F

40,600 psi

Chemical Properties





Copper Round Bar Applications

Copper 110 is a metal type that has the ability to withstand high temperatures. It is used extensively in many industrial applications and is used in the process of manufacturing electrical wires. copper round bar is used for the manufacture of copper sheets, pipes, and other products.

It is a type of copper that is used in electrical wiring. copper round bar is a copper alloy with low electrical resistance. It is commonly used in electric circuits. The material is made up of 99% pure copper with a low level of lead and other impurities. It has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, which means it can be used for many different purposes.

Many applications in the modern world. For example, it can be used to create wires for power lines or as an electrical conductor for appliances like microwaves or ovens. Copper round bar also has various other applications, such as electric cables and motors, but these are less common because they are more expensive than using aluminum wire or steel wire respectively to do the same job.

Why Buy Copper 110?

Copper is a metal with many benefits. Copper 110 can be made by melting copper and zinc together in a furnace and then pouring the molten metal into an ingot mold. It has been used in the construction industry for many years. Copper can be found in piping, roofs, and even electrical wiring. This section explores some of the benefits of using copper.

It is fire-resistant and does not corrode or rust like other metals. The low thermal conductivity makes it a great material for cooking.

Copper also does not conduct electricity as well, which makes it a great insulator against static electricity or lightning strikes on power lines.

110 Copper Round Bar is a type of copper that has a very high purity and is used in various industries such as medical, semiconductor, and automotive.

It also used in a wide range of applications, including jewelry, coins, medals, and artworks.

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