Our aluminum materials have unique properties that can drive more ingenious applications.

Featured AluminumWe continue to expand our steel and metal production for the heavy demands set by the different large industries we serve. One of our product inventory is our extensive line of aluminum that is best used in aerospace and aircraft structure applications for its lightweight properties. Aside from aircraft construction, aluminum, and forged parts are also highly in demand in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing sectors including automotive, defense and military, appliance, architecture, petrochemical and process equipment, and marine industries. Aluminum forgings possess excellent properties such as corrosion resistance and malleability as well as the strength-to-weight ratio that are well-suited for various conditions.

We at O’Hare Precision Metals work on widening our capabilities to comply with the high requirements and requests of our customers. Our capacities involve prototypes, small to medium runs, and full production of quantities and of course just-in-time delivery of material supply to meet your needs and requests. We maintain of a full inventory of aluminum alloys in a wide variant of sizes, shapes, weight, length, and finishes. Aside from material supply, we are also capable of performing professional machining operations by highly skilled experts for achieving high quality and precision in all processes we do. Call us to have more information about our availabilities or Request a Quote for the product you are looking for!