2024 Aluminum Round Bar

2024 aluminum round bar is a common alloy to be used in the aerospace and aircraft industry.

2024 Aluminum Round Bar

In the aircraft industry, aluminum 2024 is a common alloy to be found.

All About 2024 Aluminum Bar

Aluminum is the most commonly used metal in the world. It is lightweight, durable, and has a low cost. These are just some of the benefits that make the 2024 aluminum bar one of the most popular choices for manufacturers.

2024 aluminum bar stock is a popular metal that is used in a variety of applications. It has many advantages, such as being lightweight and corrosion resistant. It has a tensile strength of up to 130 MPa, which makes it an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications. The 2024 aluminum bar is also resistant to corrosion and can be easily welded with other metals.

2024 aluminum round bar is the most common form of aluminum. It can be cut, drilled, tapped, or welded to create a variety of shapes. 2024 aluminum bar stock is also used in many industrial applications where they are often joined with rivets to create structures and frameworks.

O'Hare Aluminum T Bar Stock

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Machinability & Welding

Aluminized type 2024 alloy has a high strength, good workability and machinability, and it has the capability of accepting cladding to make it more corrosion resistant. When all of these characteristics are combined, it becomes an ideal choice for applications involving aviation and automobiles.


Aircraft parts, aitomobiles, marine parts, electronics are just some of the many applications of 2024 Aluminum.

Aluminum Barstock Properties


Hardness, Brinell 

Tensile Strength:     

Yield Strength:          


0.100 lb/in³


68,000 PSI

47,000 PSI


Chemical Properties










Aluminum 93.5

Manganese 0.3 – 0.9

1.2 – 1.8

0.5 max

0.1 max

3.8 – 4.9

0.25 max

0.15 max

0.5 max

Why Get 2024 o aluminum?

2020 aluminum bar is a high-grade alloy that has a good strength-to-weight ratio. This makes 2024 aluminum bar stock an excellent choice for applications where the strength of the material is important, and weight needs to be minimized. Also, 2024 aluminum bar stock is often used in aerospace and military applications where weight can make a big difference.

The 2024 aluminum round bar stock is great for making parts that need to be machined or cut from metal. It has very little work hardening, which means the 2024 aluminum round bar can be easily machined or cut into the final shape without having to worry about damaging the metal’s integrity.

The 2024 aluminum bar is one of the most popular and widely used aluminum bars in the industry. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, it doesn’t corrode easily, and it is easy to work with. The 2024 aluminum bar is a great choice for many applications and industries.

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