Our alloy steels contribute much in the aerospace construction and work best in forging operations.

O’Hare Precision Metals considered itself as a leader of the production of alloy steels and forgings which are in high demand in industrial applications.

Alloy SteelAlloy steels have these forging capabilities including flanges, discs and hubs, seamless rolled rings, blocks, cylinders and sleeves, shafts, and stepped shafts. Mostly, alloy steels are used in the automotive industry and aircraft construction and components. This type of steels is also tempered and quenched for almost at any rate to obtain high strength and toughness.

Important elements are obtained in these metals like nickel, magnesium, molybdenum, chromium, aluminum, and vanadium after tempering and quenching the material. The elements that are added to this steel help enhance hardenability which enables these steels to harden to depth, ensuring toughness and strength of the full section of the forged component are obtained after heat treatment.

We extend our inventory of alloy steels that are available in varying sizes, grades, shapes, and forms. These engineering alloys are capable of heat treatment for an extensive range of mechanical properties.

We produce alloy steels that are forged and machined to near-perfect dimensions and tight tolerances.

Our production is always tested and inspected in terms of quality so we can always meet the customer’s criteria and requests.

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