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41l40 Alloy Steel Round Bar

Elevate Your Industrial Operations with 41L40 Steel's Exceptional Properties!

Unleash the Power of 41L40 Steel for Unmatched Performance

From Strength to Toughness, 41L40 Steel Delivers Outstanding Performance!

Looking for a versatile and customizable alloy for your manufacturing or fabrication needs? Look no further than 41L40 steel Alloy!

With options available in all shapes, sizes, and grades, including blade applications, you can trust in its uniform hardness, corrosion resistance, and impact toughness to get the job done right.

But don’t just take our word for it – the 41L42 Alloy has already won over many industries as the top choice for its exceptional hardness penetration and toughness properties. With high hardenability and chromium content, this precipitation hardening alloy steel is sure to exceed your expectations.

Machinability & Welding of 41l40 and 41l42 Steel

Machinability and welding are two important factors to consider when working with 41L40 and 41L42 steel.

41L40 steel has excellent machinability due to its low carbon content and the addition of lead. This steel is easy to work with, making it a popular choice for industries that require precision parts and components. It can be machined using a variety of methods, including drilling, milling, and turning.

When it comes to welding, 41L40 steel can be welded using any standard welding method, including gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), and shielded metal arc welding (SMAW). However, it is important to note that this steel has a low hardenability and can become brittle if welded improperly.

On the other hand, 41L42 steel is a precipitation hardening alloy that has excellent weldability. This steel can be welded using any standard welding method, and it can be readily joined without the risk of cracking or distortion. However, it is important to note that post-weld heat treatment may be necessary to maintain the desired mechanical properties of the steel.

Overall, both 41L40 and 41L42 steel offer excellent machinability and welding characteristics, making them popular choices in industries that require precision parts and components.

41l40 Steel Applications

41L40 round bar is a versatile and durable alloy steel that finds its applications in various industries. Here are some typical applications;

  • Automotive Industry: It is used to manufacture gears, shafts, and axles for automobiles. It is also used in the production of hydraulic fittings and couplings.
  • Aerospace Industry: Due to its excellent strength and toughness, the 41L40 round bar produces aircraft components such as landing gear, engine parts, and control systems.
  • Industrial Equipment manufactures machine tools, drill bits, and mining equipment. The high strength and wear-resistant properties make it suitable for these applications.
  • Defense Industry: 41L40 round bar is used in producing firearms, specifically in manufacturing barrels and receivers. The high tensile strength and toughness properties make it an ideal choice for these applications.
  • Oil and Gas Industry: It is used in manufacturing drilling components, such as drill collars and subs, as well as in producing oil and gas extraction equipment.
  • Construction Industry: The round bar finds its applications in manufacturing construction equipment and tools such as bulldozers, cranes, and excavators.




Tensile strength (psi) 

Yield strength (psi) 

Elongation in –

Reduction of area

Brinell Hardness 


– 233(lb / cu. in.)

95,000 – 105,000 416 MPa

85,000 – 95,000 –

2″ (%) 15 – 25 –

(%) 50 – 60 –

(BHN) 200 – 230 233

Chemical Properties














0.38-0.43 0.01

0.75-1.00 0.30

0.035 –


0.15-0.35 0.20

0.80-1.10 28.00-30.00

0.15-0.25 3.50 4.20

0.15-0.35 –

– 0.15

– 0.15

– 0.02

Why Choose 41L40 Round Bar?

If you are looking for a high-strength alloy steel with good toughness, 41L40 round bar is an excellent choice. It is commonly used in structural applications like bridges, buildings, and ships due to its high yield strength and durability.

The 41l40 round bar family boasts good machinability, weldability, and toughness, making it ideal for manufacturing machinery parts and equipment. For applications requiring high strength at elevated temperatures, 41L42 steel is a suitable alternative.

At O’Hare Precision Metals, we are proud to offer 41l40 round bar at competitive prices, including 41L42 steel in various shapes and sizes. As a leading supplier of American-made steel, we also provide other grades of alloy steel round bars. Trust us to provide top-quality alloy steel for your manufacturing needs.

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