For various manufacturers and other industrial sectors, O'Hare Precision Metals expands its inventory of centerless ground bar and precision metal products.

O’Hare Precision Metals extends its inventory of centerless ground bar and precision metal products for various manufacturers and other industrial sectors.

To meet the heavy demand set by a wide variety of customers, O’Hare Precision Metals, LLC maintains and continues to expand its inventory of engineering materials and ground bar products like stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, tool steel, nickel, alloy steel, brass, copper, & bronze, and titanium. We also include special alloy steel grades suited for both functional and decorative applications.

O’Hare Precision Metals expands its distributions of various products that are accurately machined with high quality and standards. We believe in our philosophy to remain flexible as we maintain our wide range of steel and alloy products in varying sizes and shapes. We maintain flexibility in balancing the production side of the business to meet the varied requirements and requests of our clients.

Our inventory is extending different options that range from certain grades and sizes of materials, supporting our current sales and complying with the growing demand of the different industries and customers we serve. We also see to it that we can also perform and provide high-performance machining services like grinding, turning, cutting, etc. for either customer-supplied and company-supplied materials.

At O’Hare Precision Metals, we manage an inventory of special shapes for customers who want to machine apart from a semi-finished material. We maintain our full production to continue to support our customers’ demands.

Centerless Ground Bar

Withstands extreme temperatures so it’s the perfect alloy metal.

Stainless Steel
Centerless Ground Bar

Earned a lot of recognition due to its sheer strength & aesthetic appeal.

Centerless Ground Bar

Has unique properties that will give way to quality ingenious applications

Alloy Steel

Tempers and quenches almost at any rate to obtain high strength and toughness.

Medical Steel

Highly specialized steel grades that can withstand stringent environments.

Brass, Copper & Bronze

Better known as “Red Metals”, exhibit high corrosion resistance and tough strength.

Tool Steel
Centerless Ground Bar

Has a ariety of hard and abrasion-resistant steels that are perfect for making tools.

Carbon Steel
Centerless Ground Bar

Carbon steels tend to become stronger and harder after a heat treatment.

Nickel & High Temp Alloy

Used extensively for their high corrosion & resistance and high-temperature strength.