Our alloy steel round bar stock contributes so much to the aerospace construction industries and works best in forging operations.

O’Hare Precision Metals is a committed alloy steel round bar supplier and precision grinding services provider that is considered a leader in supplying businesses with quality alloy steels and forgings which are in high demand in industrial applications.

Alloy Steel

Alloy steels have forging capabilities which include flanges, discs, and hubs, seamless rolled rings, blocks, cylinders and sleeves, shafts, and stepped shafts. But that’s not all that it can do, mostly, alloy steels are used in the automotive industry and aircraft construction and components. This type of steel is also tempered and quenched almost at any rate to obtain high strength and toughness.

But what makes alloy steels special? This type of steel has undergone alloying using a variety of elements in levels between 1% and 50% in weight to further enhance mechanical properties.

Important elements are obtained in these metals like nickel, magnesium, molybdenum, chromium, aluminum, and vanadium as soon as the material is tempered and quenched to help bring out its best quality.

The elements that are added to this steel help enhance hardenability which enables these steels to harden their depth thereby ensuring the toughness and strength of the full section of the forged component after heat treatment which makes it a clear standout when compared to other types of metals and steel.

Alloy steels with carbon levels of medium to higher rates that are difficult to weld. But, if carbon is reduced to 1% to 3% as alloy metals can achieve greater formability and weldability thereby strengthening the material.


We extend our inventory of alloy steels that are available in varying sizes, grades, shapes, and forms. These engineering alloys are capable of heat treatment for an extensive range of mechanical properties. At O’Hare Precision Metals, we produce alloy steels and centerless ground bar supplies that are forged and machined to a near-perfect dimension and tight tolerances.

As expert alloy steels and centerless ground bar supplier, the quality of our production is always tested and inspected in terms of quality from the very start of the process up until it’s finished, just so that we can always meet the customer’s criteria and requests when they need it.



Alloy steel primarily dominates the action in aerospace construction and framing due to its high strength and lightweight properties.

Aircraft Alloy Steel

We stock aircraft alloy steels that mainly have their major functions in aircraft construction and aerospace industries. As such, alloy steel’s properties can further be modified and increased either as to its hardness, corrosion resistance, durability, and other factors applicable and essential in the aircraft construction and aerospace industry.

This ability of alloy steel is what makes it appealing considering that these properties are essential especially when working with extreme conditions.

Alloy steels can be classified into two: low-alloy and high-alloy and it is the high-alloy steel which is commonly sought for in the aircraft construction and aerospace industry. This high alloy steel is defined by its high percentage of alloying elements.

In order to properly serve the companies under the aerospace industry, O’Hare Precision Metals supply an extensive range of aircraft high alloy steel round bar stock available in both precision and centerless ground bar forms.

At O’Hare Precision Metals, we work on the production of alloy steels with increased tolerance and high quality in varying sizes and shapes to meet each requirement set by our customers across local and global areas.

Our aircraft quality metals are all tested, approved, and certified as suitable for the production of aircraft parts. Please see our available products applicable to your aircraft applications and contact us to get more information.

If your material is not among our product options, please call or contact us to request a quote regarding your alloy steel round bar stock specifications today!



An alloy is a mixture of two or more elements that when mixed continue to retain their metallic properties. Not all of the mixtures have to contain alloys as the constituents don’t react chemically.

Alloy Steel Grades

An example of this would be to add a certain portion of chromium or nickel to iron with a dash of carbon which often results in stainless steel, but when you mix metal sodium and halogen chlorine this does not form an alloy.

Alloy steel grades are versatile as they possess an overall combination of toughness, strength, fatigue strength, and wear resistance. Alloy steels are made out of a lot of elements and metals that are alloyed together to create tough properties that are required in a very vast variety of applications in various industries.

Alloy steel grades mostly have reasonable strength that can withstand high temperatures that are around 600° and even above, as well as, maintaining excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance. These alloy grades are almost ideal for multiple forgings to form accurate sizes that are intended for a specific application. It is advisable to forge certain alloy steel grades that are not below 1600°.

Alloy steel grades mainly fit for various applications like aerospace, agricultural, and defense industries, myriad uses in automotive, gas industries, typical uses in shafts, spindles, and forged gears.

In addition, with its featured properties, alloy steel grades can undergo a lot of machining operations and conditions such as:

  • Heat Treatment
  • Annealing
  • Normalizing
  • Hardening
  • Tempering
  • Welding

Their machinability is highly permitted with its optimum structure. Since alloy steel grades possess good weldability, they can be forged easily through any commercial method.


4120has good tough strength propertiesused for forging applications as forged valve bodies and pumps
4125a chromium-molybdenum alloy steel, displays good strength and toughness propertiesautomotive and engineering gear, engine construction – steering knuckles, forged crankshafts, etc.
4130readily machineable, weldable and ductile, has tough strengthcommercial and military aircraft, machine tools, automotive, hydraulic tools, aerospace, auto racing
4135low-alloy steel, capable of being heat treated and has reasonable toughnessforged shafts, fixtures, collars, jigs, spindles
4140provides good hardness penetration, wear resistant, tough and ductilehighly stressed parts, or components subjected to severe wear
4142medium-carbon steel, readily heated and has tough strengthdie holders, forged gears, collets, spindles, arbors, flanges, axles, clutch parts, etc.
4145a chromium-molybdenum low alloy steel, readily forged, welded, and machineddrill collars, shafts, forged gears, rolls for paper mills, tool holders and pump shafts
4150low-alloy steel, has good atmospheric corrosion resistance and strengthforgings in the aerospace, gas, and oil industries, forged gears, shafts, and spindles
4340nickel-chromium molybdenum alloy, has high toughness and fatigue strengthcommercial and military aircraft, machine tool applications, automotive systems, forged steel crankshafts
52100high carbon, chromium alloy steelfor highly stressed parts like aircraft bearing
6150fine grained carbon-chromium alloy steel, highly abrasion resistantgear and engine construction, forged crankshafts, connecting rods, pump and gear shafts, spindles and steering knuckles
8620most widely used carburizing alloy, has high core strengthforged camshafts, gears, and fasteners
8740nickel-chromium low alloy steel, has tough strength propertieshigh-strength forged fasteners
9310low alloy steel, has good hardenability and fatigue strengthcrankshafts, heavy-duty gear shafts, gears in truck and aircraft construction

O’hare Precision Metals is a centerless ground bar and precision grinding services provider that prides itself on the quality of alloy steel round stock that we, as one of the top alloy steel round bar supplier, can provide you and other clients with.

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