About Us

Who We Are: We Take Pride In Providing High-Quality Steel Bars Since 1970.

O’Hare Precision Metals, LLC has become a recognized leader with its 30 years of expertise and dedicated service in the manufacturing industry.
Having its humble beginnings in the Northwest Chicago, O’Hare Precision Metals has expanded globally and has molded highly skilled staff who always meet the demands of the customers and technology.
We developed our philosophy of providing superior service and high-quality products at competitive cost.

We specialize in centerless grinding services and provide precision ground bar materials, focusing high tolerance and offering essential machining services.

O’Hare Precision Metals boasts itself of leading the manufacturing industry by these following stands:

  • Standard and criteria set in every bit of work to have consistent production of high-quality products that meet customer requirements and special requests.
  • With our extensive line of products and services, we can serve both commercial and industrial customers
  • Constant quality control inspection in each phase of operation and holding tolerance as much as .0001 inches with accurate surface finish of 8 micro inches or more.
  • Our Specialized Grinding Division can do grinding up to 24 ft. in length and 7” large in diameter.
  • We committed ourselves in quality and leadership in the industry through rigorously implementing quality control in all our services and products
As a solution provider in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, O’Hare Precision Metals is an extension of our valued customers.
We are highly dedicated to excellence, thus we are always in pursuit of providing quality and satisfaction to our customers.