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Our turning services are well-suited for any geometric figure for the removal of excess external surface texture.

O’Hare Precision Metals has the capabilities to perform metal cutting processes like turning that is primarily used for generating cylindrical surfaces. Turning is a process of removing excess metal from the surface and outer diameter of a cylindrical workpiece. This process is primarily used for reducing the workpiece’s diameter, commonly to the specified dimension, and for producing smooth finished on metals. Within the course of operation, the workpiece often turned in order for the adjacent centers to have different diameters.

We are capable of working with varied pieces in stainless steel, aluminum, and any of the customer-specified metal or alloy. We perform turn short and long pieces with different diameters. We would use center and face drill for longer pieces. Along with our abrasive cutting operations, we consider operating conditions which are very important:

  • Tool life
  • Metal Removal Rate
  • Surface Finish
Correct operating conditions should be properly selected for balancing the three important variables in order to achieve the minimum cost per material or piece. We ensure to obtain both best surface finish and the maximum production rate for our operations.
If you will be turning services for manufacturing your components, along with high quality and tolerance, you can call us for more details or submit as a Quote!