Custom Machining

Our Custom Machining services are suited for the manufacturing of enhanced machined parts to be supplied for various types of industries and manufacturers.

O’Hare Precision Metals fully commits itself to precision quality and overall excellence in the full production of machined components for specific engineering needs. Custom machining describes a whole variety of material removal processes wherein an unwanted material is being removed from the workpiece in order to produce the required shape. The workpiece is being cut from a piece of stock that is available in varying metal types and shapes such as solid bars, rounds, tubes, flats, and shaped beams.
Machining is performed also even on an existing part like forging and casting. Parts that are mostly machined are typically cylindrical or cubic, but there also other parts and features that are complex for the operation. Machining is applied in an extensive variety of features which include pockets, holes, flat surfaces, slots, and complex surface contours.
We at O’Hare Precision Metals target at workmanship and precision, we work on exceeding your expectations and meeting your requirements in specific parts that are made through our metalworking services. The machining operations we do include a variety of processes that primarily each removes excess material from the pre-shaped workpiece part to come up with the desired external features.
Quality Control inspections are constantly performed after each phase of machining operation to test dimensional tolerance and accuracy. Our custom machining facility comprised of precision grinding, CNC milling, and lathe machines. Contact us for more details.