446 Stainless Round Bar Stock

446 Stainless has a high degree of toughness and is therefore very malleable.

446 Stainless

446 Stainless is a ferritic stainless steel alloy with high chromium content.

It has an excellent heat resistance and can withstand oxidation, sulfidation, and other forms of hot corrosion. Even though this alloy is non-hardenable, it exhibits mechanical solidity and superior corrosion resistance at extremely high temperatures.

Because of the high chromium content in general, this grade has a low degree of elasticity. When it comes to 446, the impact transition temperature is a little higher than average. Using low bending rates, edge preparation, and preheating to 250-400°F are beneficial for good bending and forming results.

O'Hare 446 Stainless Round Bar Stock

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Machinability and other Processes

It has a machinability rating of 36 percent. It is a martensitic or magnetic stainless steel alloy. Also, it contains 25% chromium, 0.1% carbon, and 0.1 percent manganese. Carbon concentrations o at .1-1.2 percent and chromium concentrations at 10-15 percent. These are the two most important factors that influence the machinability of this stainless steel.

Its low carbon content is why 446 Stainless has a high degree of toughness and is therefore very malleable. When machining it, the most challenging part is breaking the chips apart.

As a result, it is recommended to use a sharp cutting edge with a tight chip breaker when cutting wood. This means that inserts designed for austenitic stainless alloys will also perform admirably on 446 Stainless. Lastly, when annealing is required, it should be carried out at 1550-1650°F and then quickly cooled to room temperature.


446 Stainless is very much helpful in the kitchen and food processing. Burners, cookers, grills, cutlery, boiler parts, sinks, and other cookware products are only a few of the many applications.



Ultimate Tensile strength 

Tensile  Yield strength 

Thermal expansion co-efficient 

Thermal conductivity 

Elongation at break 

Elastic modulus 

Poisson’s ratio 

0.282 lb/in³

79800 psi

50000 psi

5.78 µin/in°F

150 BTU in/hr.ft².°F


29000 ksi


Chemical Properties








Iron 73

Carbon 0.20

23.0 – 27.0







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