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300 maraging steel is ideal for high-strength structural applications.

Maraging Steel 300

300 Maraging steel material is made of a low carbon nickel, cobalt, and molybdenum high-temperature nickel alloy that has been induction-melted and then vacuum arc re-melted

The excellent strength-to-weight ratio of 300 maraging steel makes it ideal for high-strength structural applications, such as aircraft landing gear components and a variety of other defense and military applications.

In addition to molybdenum, aluminum, and titanium, 300 maraging steel uses nickel or cobalt steel, making it practically carbon-free. This combination results in superior maraging steel that retains various beneficial properties such as high strength and toughness, ultrahigh tensile strength, and extremely toughness while also being extremely strong.

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Maraging steel 300 is a type of steel that is produced in a way that is tougher than other types of steel. It has a specific composition that makes it have high tensile strength and low elongation. It has a hardness of 300, which means that it can be used for manufacturing items such as drill bits, saw blades, and molds.

Maraging steel 300 is a type of steel that is used in the manufacturing of heavy-duty tools. It has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than other types of steel. Also, maraging can be used to manufacture different products like drill bits, saw blades, and molds.

Maraging is an excellent choice for high-impact tools, such as drills and saws, because it can withstand the extra force without breaking. It is a highly trusted brand of steel, which means that it is widely accepted and used by many industries. It is also known for its high-quality products and unmatched customer service.

Maraging steel is a type of austenitic steel that is used in many industries. It is known for its excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. Maraging steel applications are varied, but the most common uses are in oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical, and marine industries. This steel can also be used in the construction industry for bridges, buildings, and offshore structures.

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Machinability and other Processes

This material can achieve yield strengths over 270 KSI (1862 MPa) through a straightforward, low-temperature heat treatment at 900°F (482°C). Maraging steel 300 has excellent ductility at high strength levels, excellent notch ductility, and outstanding weldability, despite the fact that it requires little to no downstream processing.


Aircraft parts and systems, fittings, nuts, gears, shaft, screws are just some of the many applications of 300-Maraging-Steel.

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Tensile strength

Yield strength 

Poisson’s ratio 

Bulk modulus

Shear modulus 

Elastic modulus

Melting point

0.289 lb/in³

168000 psi

153200 psi


20300 ksi

10600 ksi

27600 ksi


Chemical Properties



























300 Maraging steel Suppliers

Maraging steel 300 is a type of high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel that has been used for years in aerospace, defense, and other high-end applications, which is why there are many maraging steel 300 suppliers in the market. It is corrosion resistant and has an excellent tensile strength to weight ratio.

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