M2 Tool Steel

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M2 Tool Steel: Engineered for Speed, Precision, and Reliability.

M2 tool steel is a type of steel renowned for its exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and heat resistance. It is a tungsten-molybdenum based steel that offers excellent cutting performance and retention of its properties at high temperatures. M2 steel is widely used in the manufacturing of cutting tools, such as drills, taps, reamers, and milling cutters. Its superior properties make it a preferred choice for applications that require high-speed machining and demanding cutting conditions.

It is a high-speed steel known for its exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and heat resistance. And, It finds widespread use in the manufacturing of cutting tools, woodworking tools, metal forming tools, and various automotive and aerospace components. While its machinability enables high-speed machining, its weldability requires careful consideration and adherence to recommended procedures. M2 steel is a reliable choice for industries that demand superior performance and precision in cutting and shaping operations.

Uses and Applications of M2 tool steel 

The steel finds extensive use in various industries and applications. Some notable uses and applications are the following; 

  1. Cutting Tools: It is primarily used for manufacturing cutting tools due to its exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and toughness. It is employed in the production of drills, end mills, broaches, and other high-speed cutting tools. It enables efficient and precise metal cutting, shaping, and machining operations.

  2. Woodworking Tools: It is also utilized in the manufacturing of woodworking tools, such as saw blades and planer knives. Its high hardness and wear resistance enable prolonged tool life and improved performance in cutting and shaping wood.

  3. Metal Forming Tools: Itis suitable for metal forming tools, including punches, dies, and cold-working tools. Its excellent toughness and heat resistance allow for reliable and efficient metal shaping processes, even under high-stress conditions.

  4. Automotive and Aerospace Components: It is used in the production of various components in the automotive and aerospace industries. It is employed for manufacturing gear cutters, turbine blades, and other critical parts that require high-speed machining, strength, and durability.

Machinability and Weldability of M2 Tool Steel 

M2 bar has good machinability, allowing for high-speed machining operations. However, its hardness requires the use of appropriate cutting tools, techniques, and coolant to maintain tool life and achieve desired results.

Howeveris not readily weldable due to its high carbon and alloy content. Welding processes such as fusion welding may result in cracking and loss of hardness. However, It can be brazed or welded using special techniques, such as the use of low-temperature brazing or preheating methods.

It is crucial to follow recommended machining and welding practices specific to M2 steel to ensure optimal performance and avoid potential issues.

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Tensile strength

Yield strength 

Poisson’s ratio 

Bulk modulus

Shear modulus 

Elastic modulus

Melting point

0.289 lb/in³

168000 psi

153200 psi


20300 ksi

10600 ksi

27600 ksi


Chemical Properties



























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