We stock nickel alloy that can exhibit excellent mechanical attributes, high resisting corrosion, and holding strength at elevated temperatures.

Nickel AlloyNickel alloy has the ability to withstand variation of extremely severe operating conditions which involve high temperatures, corrosive environments, and high stresses. Nickels are purely ductile and tough, enabling them to withstand even in a combined pressures of extreme environments. These alloys can provide an excellent base to develop specialized alloys.

Nickel alloys are frequently used due to their enhanced resistance to embrittlement over steels. This is done through the combination of residual or applied stresses and different environmental conditions.

Nickel alloy is primarily used in these following applications:

  • Rocket motors
  • Food processing equipment
  • Piping and equipment utilized in conjunction
  • Tools storing and handling bromine and fluorine
  • Drums to transport chemicals

We can forge and machine nickel alloy forgings according to these phases and properties:

  • Cobalt-bearing high-speed steel
  • Large rake angles
  • Minimum tool clearance
  • Lighter feeds and slower speeds than mild steel

O’Hare Precision Metals extends its capacities to produce nickel alloy products that are ideal for any fabricating process such as casting, welding, and cold working. Raw nickel materials can undergo heat treatment operations like box annealing and bright annealing.