Hastelloy contains the significant resisting properties to reducing environments like sulfuric, phosphoric, and acetic acids and hydrogen chloride gas.

HastelloyHastelloy is one of the high-performance alloys that are greatly applied to inert and vacuum atmospheres that are exposed to aluminum chloride catalysts, hydrochloric acid, and reducing chemicals. Some of the industries where Hastelloy is applied are mostly exposed to phosphoric, sulfuric, acetic, and hydrochloric acids.

Thus, Hastelloy is suitably used in high-heat applications. This type of high-performance nickel alloy can offer exceptional creep-and-stress rupture and good casting attributes.

Hastelloys have its great machinability properties which include:

  • Use of plenty cutting fluid
  • Machine in cast and wrought forms
  • High-speed steels cutting speeds
  • Cut at low speeds
  • Grind high-speed cutting tools in turning and lathe operations


  • Metallurgical industry
  • Chemical process industry
  • High-speed steels cutting speeds
  • Cut at low speeds
  • Jet components:
    • aircraft nozzle vanes
    • tail cones
    • engine parts
    • cabin heaters
    • collector rings

For workability, hastelloy is being annealed to produce ideal characteristics for fabricating sheets.

Hastelloy C has strong resisting properties in extreme heat; has high strength; oxidation resistant heat-treating equipment, combustion chambers, aircraft and jets, pump valves, pipe connections
Hastelloy W solid-solution strengthened; can be produced plates; nickel-base used for welding dissimilar alloys
Hastelloy C27 wrought corrosion-resistant alloy; corrosion resistant desulfurization of flue gas equipment and chemical process equipment
Hastelloy X offers good strength; oxidation resistant; nickel-chromium-iron molybdenum metallurgical industry; jet components; chemical process industry
Hastelloy N high-temperature nickel alloy; oxidation resistant; readily fabricated ideal for high-heat applications, equipment used with fluoride salts, extreme heat uses
Hastelloy B2 wrought nickel-molybdenum alloy; resistant to temperatures and concentrations of hydrochloric acid used in welded condition
Hastelloy S nickel-based, high heat alloy; has high-heat mechanical properties; has excellent thermal stability used in high-temperature parts