12L14 Carbon Round Bar Stock

12L14 Carbon can be found in a variety of products and industries.

12L14 Carbon

12L14 Carbon is a steel that has been desulfurized and phosphorized. It can be found in various products, including high-speed screw machines and other high-speed equipment.

O'Hare 12L14 Carbon Round Bar Stock

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Machinability and other Processes

12L14 Carbon is a premium free cutting steel grade suitable for all types of high production and repetition machining. Not only that, but it is also for general purpose machining. Carbon steel in its natural state that has been desulfurized and phosphorized is what this is.

Lead is also used to improve the machinability of the material, which means it can be bent, riveted, or crimped with greater ease. It is important to remember that it is significantly weaker than carbon steels due to its increased ductility and machinability.


12L14 is undoubtedly a big help in many industries because of its incredible characteristics. Aerospace, automotive, and a variety of other fields. Also, wheel nuts, padlocks, axles, shackles, and gearbox components are just some of the many applications.



Yield Tensile Strength 

UltimateTensile Strength 

Bulk modulus 

Shear modulus 

Elastic modulus 

Thermal expansion 

Thermal conductivity 

0.284 lb/in³

60200 psi

78300 psi

20300 ksi

11600 ksi

27557-30458 ks

 6.39 µin/in°F

360 BTU in/hr.ft².°F

Chemical Properties







97.91 – 98.7

0.85 – 1.15

0.260 – 0.35


0.15 – 0.35

0.040 – 0.090

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