1018 Carbon Steel

1018 Carbon Steel Bar Stock machinability in a specific condition is superior. It is also one of the most easily machined of the available grades.

High Quality 1018 Hot Rolled Steel Round Bar

One of the most widely available carbon steel grades is 1018 carbon steel, which is also one of the most easily machined of the available grades.

It is demonstrated that its machinability in this condition is superior to that of the normalized condition. A significant amount of this steel grade is used in the as-forged condition in the manufacturing process.

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Machinability and other Processes

Although it lacks specific mechanical properties, it can still be molded, machined, welded, and manufactured with little difficulty. Aside from that, this steel can be welded using any standard process, except for high-carbon electrodes, which are not recommended.


It is surely a big help in many industries because of its incredible characteristics. Fasteners, pins, anchor bolts, gears, spindles, ratchets, and sprocket assemblies are just some of the many applications of 1018 Carbon.  



Tensile strength 

Yield strength 

Thermal conductivity

Poisson’s ratio 

Elongation at break 

Modulus of elasticity 

Shear modulus 

0.284 lb/in3

63800 psi

53700 psi

360 BTU in/hr.ft2.°F



29700 ksi

11600 ksi

Chemical Properties











Why Buy 1018 Carbon Steel

The 1018 steel is common carbon steel that is used in a variety of applications. It has excellent dimensional stability and weldability. It has good toughness at low hardness levels and can be tempered to harden it for wear resistance.

It is a type of steel that has high tensile strength and good toughness. It is used in the manufacturing process for various products such as gears, axles, and shafts.

1018 cold rolled steel round bar is one of the most popular types of 1018 steel. It has a low cost, which makes it an affordable option for many industries. This type of bar also has great machinability and can be welded easily.

It also  has a tensile strength of 63800 psi and yield strength of 53700 psi. The alloy content is typically 0.15%-0.20% C, 0.60-0.90% Mn, and less than 0.10% P, S, or other elements to balance the alloying components to provide the desired properties for the application being considered.

The 1018 round stock is carbon steel that is used in a variety of industries. The 1018 carbon steel is typically used for applications that require high strength, such as in the construction of bridges and buildings.

Advantages of 1018 steel bar :

  • – It has a high tensile strength
  • – Also has good weldability
  • – It does not corrode easily

Get 1018 Cold Rolled Steel Round Bar

1018 cold rolled steel round bar is a type of carbon steel that is commonly used in the manufacturing of structural or mechanical components.

Another popular product made is the1018 cold rolled steel round bar. Like the 1018 round stock or the regular 1018 steel bar, it can be cut to any size or shape, depending on the needs of your project.

Cold-rolled steel bars are made by rolling a hot-rolled steel bar through a series of dies to reduce the thickness and produce a uniform surface. Cold-rolled bars are not as hard as hot-rolled bars, but they have greater strength and toughness.

1018 round stock is a low carbon, cold-rolled steel. It has good formability and weldability. It is used for many applications such as high-pressure vessels, automotive parts, and tooling.

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