Copper Round Bars

Being able to craft excellent material, we at O’Hare Precision Metals are able to supply copper round bar stock of high quality and will more than likely get fully recommended for medium-duty applications requiring high ductility for cold working.

Copper Round Bars

Known for quality production and expertise in the industry, O’Hare Precision Metals maintains its full production of copper round bars that are made out of wrought aluminum-iron-copper alloys that are used in applications wherein great wear and fatigue are involved. Copper round bars are usually used as bearing retainer cages, bushings, sleeve bearings, and valve stems and guides.

We offer a full line of drawn copper/ copper alloy copper bar and copper rod products. We work on creating and forging copper round bars that can meet and pass corporate steel specifications that are available in rounds or customer-specified shapes. The copper products can be made out of various copper grades.

As one of its core roles in the industry, raw copper materials can be machined into electrode tips that are highly used in the resistance welding industry. Right below is a chart of the different copper round bar finishes and copper tubing sizes that we have available:


OHAREGET A QUOTERound BarsCopper 101 (Oxygen Free)Hot Roll Finish
OHAREGET A QUOTERound BarsCopper 102 (Oxygen Free)Hot Roll Finish
OHAREGET A QUOTERound BarsCopper 110 (Oxygen Free)Hot Roll Finish
OHAREGET A QUOTERound BarsCopper 145Mill Finish
OHAREGET A QUOTERound BarsCopper 172 (Beryllium Copper)Hot Roll Finish
OHAREGET A QUOTERound BarsCopper Class 2Hot Roll Finish

Also Available


OHARE0.040 inches1.016 mm0.65 lbs/ft0.96733 kg/m1.25 inches31.75 mm1.375 inches34.925 mmGET A QUOTE
OHARE0.042 inches1.0668 mm0.810 lbs/ft1.205442 kg/m1.5 inches38.1 mm1 5/8 inches41.275 mmGET A QUOTE
OHARE0.042 inches1.0668 mm1.065 lbs/ft1.584933 kg/m2 inches50.8 mm2.125 inches53.975 mmGET A QUOTE
OHARE0.045 inches1.143 mm1.688 lbs/ft2.5120816 kg/m3 inches76.2 mm3.125 inches79.375 mmGET A QUOTE
OHARE0.058 inches1.4732 mm2.872 lbs/ft4.2741104 kg/m4 inches101.6 mm4.125 inches104.775 mmGET A QUOTE
OHARE0.072 inches1.8288 mm4.430 lbs/ft6.592726 kg/m5 inches127 mm5.125 inches130.175 mmGET A QUOTE

Along with our product inventory, we have brass round bars on-hand stock to round out our range of copper alloys, which have long been in high demand from a multitude of industries.

We also have bronze round bars in stock in a range of alloys that are commonly used in architecture and maritime applications.