Copper Grades

Copper grades have the important mechanical properties that enable them to undergo various machining conditions and temperatures.

Copper GradesCopper grades, like other metal grades, also are specified and evaluated through their mechanical properties for their targeted and designated applications.

Copper grades possess such mechanical properties that are highly applicable in pump and valve components, pope line hardware, high strength fasteners for industrial process streams, and for marine equipment. They are known for their resisting properties against corrosion. Copper and other traditional metal types like brass and bronze are commonly referred to as “lattens” but they tend to be termed now as “copper alloys”.

Copper grades have mostly soft and malleable properties. They also possess ductility, high electrical and thermal conductivity. Copper metals are commonly used as heat and electricity conductor, a constituent of different metal alloys, and a building material.

C613 has good formability and machinability valve and pump components, marine equipment, pole line hardware, high strength fasteners
C623 has excellent corrosion resistance; has good acid resistance used in industrial process streams
C624 has excellent corrosion resistance; heat treatable to high strength marine equipment, pole line hardware, high strength fasteners
C30 corrosion resistant; has typical tensile strength pump and valve components for industrial process streams
C632 corrosion resistant; has moderate strengt marine equipment, high strength fasteners, valve and pump components, pole line hardware
C70600 corrosion resistant in marine environments; has good creep resistance and moderate high strength at elevated temperatures used for seawater service, fittings and hardware, valve and pump components
C70690 copper-nickel alloys marine applications
C70610 copper-nickel alloys marine applications
C71500 has moderate high strength; corrosion resistant in marine environments; creep resistant at elevated temperatures machined and forged pump and valve components, hardware and fittings