Brass Round Stock

Stainless steel and brass round stock is a highly sought-after alloy that has earned a lot of recognition from varying industries and manufacturing services due to its sheer strength and aesthetic appeal.

brass round bar and Brass Round Rod

Along with our product inventory, we also stock up on brass round bars to complete our set of copper alloys that have been in high demand from various industries for quite some time now.

Brass Round Bars

O’Hare Precision Metals includes brass round bars and some of our widely produced selection of copper round bar stock. Our brass round bar stock is primarily used in applications that require low friction.

Brass round rods and other brass materials are often used for decoration since they possess a bright gold-like appearance. But since they also produce low friction, they are also suitable for gears, doorknobs, locks, bearings, fittings, fasteners, and marine hardware. Brass is often applied in situations prohibiting sparks to strike in tools and fittings around explosive gas.

There is a wide variance in the alloy composition of brass metals, allowing them to have an extensive variety of possibilities and purposes. We produce brass rods in accordance with the quality policy and corporate standard specifications including ASTM, AMS, and ASME. Alongside our goal, we are open to shipment and sourcing of raw materials all throughout the Midwest and around the globe. We also work to quality precision grinding services by hiring only the best employees that are trained to operate certain machines that will prove necessary in its production.

Brass Round Bar Applications

Brass is a common material used in the manufacturing of various products. Brass rod stock is one of these products. Brass rod stock is made from brass sheet, which is then cut and formed into a round bar stock. This brass round bar is then cut into smaller pieces and rolled into a round rod for use in many industries.

Brass rod stock has been used for hundreds of years because it has excellent resistance to wear and corrosion. It also offers good strength at higher temperatures, which makes the brass round bar ideal for use in industrial applications like boilers, furnaces, air conditioners, and pressure vessels.

The Brass round bar stock is commonly used as a construction material because it can be easily welded together to create strong joints that will not corrode or rust over time. They are also easy to work with because

Brass is a metal that is usually found in the form of a round bar, rod, and wire. The most common use of brass is in electrical and electronic applications like wiring, switches, and connectors.

A high quality Brass round bar stock is applied for manufacturing purposes because it can be easily shaped. They are also made from high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and tarnish. Brass round bar products are also easy to cut and drill into other shapes for various uses like pipe fittings or brackets.

The Brass round bar stock is also used to make products like valves, fittings, fixtures, bearings, or gears. It can also be used as a barrier against corrosion in marine applications or when working with acids or alkalis. Also, brass rod stock is a type of metal that has been used in construction and manufacturing since ancient times. It is a tough, durable, and relatively low-cost material.

Buy Brass Round Rod

Brass round rod has many advantages over other types of metals such as stainless steel and aluminum. It is a versatile material that can be used for applications such as valves, fittings, valves, pipes, and tubing. A brass round rod is also easy to work with because it doesn’t require high levels of heat to be melted down or welded.

Brass round rod has many advantages compared to other types of bar stocks. It can be cut using a machine with ease, it’s easy to weld, and it has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, which means it doesn’t expand and contract with heat as much as other materials would.

O’Hare Precision Metals is a US-based supplier of brass round rod and brass round bar stock. We offer a wide range of products from bars to rods and rounds. O’Hare offers its customers high-quality products at competitive prices.

Stated below are some of our products that you can avail of that fall within the category of brass rod stocks:

Brass Rod Stock

OHAREGET A QUOTERound BarsBrass 314Mill Finish
OHAREGET A QUOTERound BarsBrass 360Hot Roll Finish
OHAREGET A QUOTERound BarsBrass 385Hot Roll Finish
OHAREGET A QUOTERound BarsBrass 464Hot Roll Finish
OHAREGET A QUOTERound BarsBrass 510Mill Finish
OHAREGET A QUOTERound BarsBrass 544Mill Finish