Aluminum Steel Bars

Aluminum steel bars are now common in the market since they are used as raw material for machined and stamped cast products for vast industries.

Aluminum Steel BarsWe extend our capabilities in the production of aluminum steel bars that are available in rounds, flat, or square. Aluminum is best known for its high strength, anti-corrosion, thermally conductive, and low weight properties that are highly applied for structural, support, and high heat applications.
There are common properties that are found in aluminum round bars, allowing them to be one of the highly-sought materials by engineers and manufacturers. Below are the excellent characteristics that aluminum has:

  • Corrosion and high heat resistance
  • Electrically and thermally conductive
  • Lightweight and high strength
  • Accepts paints and coatings
  • Easily stamped, formed, welded, and machined

Common aluminum steel bar applications:

  • Gussets
  • Braces
  • Trim
  • Mounting plates
  • Enclosures
  • Motor and engine components
  • Hardware
  • Housing panels

Aluminum steel bars are best suited for heavy and rigoruos applications that require great immunity against extreme wear, corrosion, and oxidation. Steel bars alloyed with aluminum exhibit the best mechanical properties which include low density, lightweight, corrosion resistance, malleability, toughness, and hardness.

Aluminum is best known with many properties that makes it as one of the trusted metals applied in each extremely corrosive environment and specific uses. They are forged into different sizes, lengths, and diameters along with various finishes.

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