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7075 Aluminum Bar

7075 Aluminum Bar: Lightweight, Durable, and Ready to Excel

Choose 7075 Aluminum Bar for Unmatched Strength and Durability

7075 Aluminum Bar: Uncompromising Strength for Demanding Applications

The addition of zinc, along with trace amounts of chromium and copper, elevates the strength and performance of 7075 aluminum bar to unparalleled levels. Recognized for its remarkable strength, this alloy is highly sought after in various industries. Although it may not possess the same level of corrosion resistance or weldability as some popular alloys, its exceptional resistance to stress and strain makes it a prime choice for aircraft applications where weight savings over steel are paramount.

The inherent strength of 7075 aluminum round bar enables it to withstand rigorous conditions, making it ideal for structural components, aerospace parts, and high-stress applications. Its lightweight nature, combined with its impressive strength-to-weight ratio, offers significant advantages in weight-sensitive industries. Whether you’re designing aircraft components or seeking robust solutions for demanding projects, it delivers the strength and performance you need.

Why Buy 7075 Aluminum Bar?

The 7075 aluminum round bar stands as the preferred choice for numerous applications, thanks to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. With good fatigue resistance and high-temperature properties, this alloy offers unmatched performance in demanding environments.

Crafted from a single extruded piece of aluminum, the round bar boasts impeccable corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting quality and reliability. Its seamless construction eliminates the risk of future quality issues, providing peace of mind for your projects.

The advantages of this bar extend beyond its strength. Its remarkable machinability allows for easy shaping and machining, empowering you to create intricate designs with precision. Additionally, its lightweight composition simplifies handling and transportation, enhancing overall efficiency.

Count on the corrosion resistance of 7075 aluminum round bar to excel in outdoor applications exposed to harsh environments such as saltwater or acid rain. Its durability ensures longevity, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacements.

Machinability and other Processes

Despite having good machinability, it has the lowest ductility compared to the other alloys in the 7000-series. Because of its high cost, it is only used in limited circumstances.

7075 aluminimum round bar stock


Aluminium 7075 round bar is highly versatile and finds applications in various industries. Here are the applications; 

  • Aerospace: Strong and lightweight, used in aircraft components.
  • Automotive: Enhances performance and fuel efficiency in automotive parts.
  • Marine: Corrosion-resistant for marine structures and components.
  • Defense: Tough and reliable for defense equipment.
  • Sports and Recreation: Lightweight and durable for sporting goods.
  • Industrial Equipment: Machinable and strong for heavy-duty machinery components.
  • Structural Applications: Provides strength and stability in construction projects.


0.102 lb/in³

73000 psi

83000 psi

10400 ksi

3900 ksi

48000 psi

23000 psi

0.102 lb/in³

73000 psi

83000 psi

10400 ksi

3900 ksi

48000 psi

23000 psi

Chemical Properties








Zinc 5.1-6.1

Chromium 0.18-2

Copper 1.2-2







O’Hare’s 7075 Aluminum Bar

At O’Hare Precision Metals, we take pride in offering top-quality aluminum bars. Known for its exceptional strength and performance, 7075 aluminum is a preferred choice for various industries and applications. 

Whether you’re in aerospace, automotive, or any other industry that demands high-strength materials, our aluminum bar delivers outstanding results. With its excellent corrosion resistance, superior machinability, and impressive strength-to-weight ratio, it stands as a reliable solution for structural frameworks, components, and more. 

Experience the power of strength and performance with O’Hare’s round bars. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and request a quote!