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Dom Steel Tubing

Seamless Strength for Every Application: DOM steel tubing delivers the durability and performance you can rely o

DOM steel tubing - The Choice of Professionals for Precision and Durability

Unmatched Strength, Seamless Performance: Experience the reliability of DOM steel tubing for your toughest projects

DOM steel tubing, short for Drawn Over Mandrel Round Mechanical Tubing, is a cold-drawn steel tube that offers exceptional strength and durability. With variants such as 1020 and 1026, DOM tubing appears seamless despite its welded origins, resulting in a seamless-like appearance.

To ensure consistent and robust tubing, the DOM manufacturing process involves cold drawing the tube over a mandrel. This secondary process enhances the tube’s yield strength, reaching approximately 70ksi, making it highly reliable for various applications.

Machinability and Processes: Unleashing Strength and Precision

DOM steel tubing sets itself apart with its electric resistance welded construction, ensuring exceptional weld strength by eliminating all-flash before the cold drawing process. This meticulous manufacturing method results in tubing that surpasses other options on the market in terms of strength and precision. 

Additionally, DOM tubing can be manufactured to tighter OD and ID tolerances, delivering superior tensile strength and enhanced resistance to bending. When it comes to machinability and precision, DOM tubing stands at the forefront.

Applications of DOM Tubing: Versatility and Reliability

DOM tubing proves its versatility and reliability across a wide range of applications. Whether you’re working on structural projects or require dependable bushings, DOM tubing is the ideal choice. Its exceptional strength and durability make it suitable for demanding applications such as bridge construction, where reliability and structural integrity are paramount. 

Additionally, DOM tubing finds its place in machinery parts and systems, providing reliable support and performance. It is widely used in hydraulics, bearings, motorcycle frames, and various automotive components, further showcasing its versatility. When you choose DOM tubing, you can trust that your projects will benefit from its exceptional properties and deliver exceptional results.


Tensile Strength 

Yield Strength 

Elongation in 

Rockwell Hardness 

70,000 PSI

60,000 PSI

2″ 20 – 15


Chemical Properties















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