Dom Steel Tubing

Dom Steel Tubing has the appearance of being completely seamless.

Dom Tubing Supplier

DOM-TUBING is the short-term for Drawn Over Mandrel Round Mechanical Tubing.

It is cold drawn and has variants the 1020 and 1026. DOM Tubing has the appearance of being completely seamless. Although it begins as a welded piece, it results in a basically seamless appearance.

In order to produce a more consistent and more potent tube, the DOM is made from the same material that has undergone a secondary process in which the tube is cold pulled over a mandrel. As a result of this method, the tube produced has a yield strength of approximately 70ksi.

O'Hare DOM-TUBING Round Bar Stock

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Machinability and other Processes

It is an electric resistance welded tube with an all-flash eliminated before the cold drawing is used in this application. It has the highest weld strength of any tubing on the market and is manufactured to tighter OD and ID tolerances.

DOM tubing is significantly stronger in tension and markedly stronger in resistance to bending than ERW tube. ID and OD, as well as tolerances, can be manufactured to more rigid specifications. It has the highest weld strength currently available on the market.


DOM tubing is well suited for multiple structural and bushing applications, including bridge construction. Machinery parts and systems, bushings, hydraulics, bearings, motorcycle frames, and automotive parts are just some of the many applications of DOM-TUBING.


Tensile Strength 

Yield Strength 

Elongation in 

Rockwell Hardness 

70,000 PSI

60,000 PSI

2″ 20 – 15


Chemical Properties















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