9310 Round Bar

9310 round bar alloy is an excellent choice for your needs.

9310 Alloy Steel

9310 Alloy is a low alloy nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. It has a high fatigue strength as well as a high core hardness.

The normalized and tempered form of this alloy is the optimum for machining. All of this makes the 9310 a fantastic choice for applications in manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and other various industries that require good machinability.

The 9310 alloy is a great choice for a number of reasons. It has a very high fatigue strength and high core hardness, which makes it excellent for machining. In addition, it has a low alloy content, which makes it easy to machine. All in all, the 9310 alloy is an excellent choice for your needs.

O'Hare 9310 Steel Bar

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Reasons to buy 9310 alloy and 9310 tool steel

The 9310 alloy is a type of stainless steel that has been used for decades in the construction industry. It is known for its resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

9310 Steel Bar is a brand new alloy steel bar with the following properties:

  • 9310 alloy steel has excellent corrosion resistance
  • 9310 alloy has excellent mechanical strength and hardness
  • 9310 alloy steel has good weldability
  • 9310 alloy has good heat treatment properties.

Machinability & Welding

9310 tool steel has high ductility, machinability, and cold working qualities when annealed. 9310 can also be easily welded.

9310 Chemical Composition

Aircraft engine gears and pinions and piston pins and shafts are just some of the many applications of 4140 Alloy.

9310 steel bar is a high-quality alloy steel that has excellent corrosion resistance properties. This alloy is used in the production of high-quality steel products like railroads, bridges, and ships. It also has good mechanical properties and can be easily welded.

9310 alloy steel has many advantages over other types of steel. It is stronger than carbon steel, more corrosion resistant than stainless steel, and has a higher tensile strength than titanium alloys.

The most important advantage of 9310 alloy bars is their ability to withstand high temperatures without losing their properties. The higher melting point makes it perfect for applications such as car engine blocks or aircraft turbine blades.

It is known for its excellent balance of strength and toughness. The composition of the alloy makes it an excellent choice for corrosion resistance in corrosive environments such as salt water or chlorine. Also, the 9310 round bar is commonly used in the construction industry, where it provides superior performance and durability over carbon steel bars.

9310 Steel Properties


Ultimate Tensile Strength 

Yield Tensile Strength 

Hardness Rockwell | Brinell 

Melting Point 

Specific Heat 

Modulus of Elasticity 

Reduction of Area Percentage

0.284 lb/in3

155 ksi

130 ksi

B109 | 331

2,580-2,650 °F

1.1 x 10^-1 BTU/lb-°F

29,000 ksi


9310 Steel Composition and Properties

















O’Hare’s 9310 Steel Bar

Buying 9310 alloy steel bars from reputable manufacturers ensures that you are getting the best quality product. It is a type of high-strength steel that is used in aerospace, automotive, and other industries. It is also known as 9310 round bar and 9310 steel bar.

The 9310 round bar is a high-strength, low-alloy steel alloy. It has been used for a variety of applications, including aerospace, automotive, and power generation. O’Hare Precision Metals is a leading supplier of steel bars and rounds. They are available in many sizes and shapes, including round, hexagon, square and rectangular bars for various uses.

O’Hare Precision Metals is a reliable steel supplier that is dedicated to providing the best products and services to its customers. We have been in business for years, and we have a wide variety of products for different industries. As a steel alloy supplier, we are also known for offering quality 9310 alloy steel bars at competitive prices.

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