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Stainless Steel Bar – The Most Attractive Steel

Aesthetically Appealing Stainless Steel Round Bar Stock

Stainless steel round bar stock is a highly sought-after alloy that has earned a lot of recognition from varying industries and manufacturing services.


We here at O’Hare Precision Metals have done what we can to further expand our inventory of stainless steel products to supply our customers with quality steel to meet their constant high demand.

Stainless Steel

The quality of our cold rolled steel bar and precision grinding services is what makes our stainless steel product the perfect metal for sophisticated and functional purposes. This type of alloy has a variety of applications and uses that can be summed up in motor and aircraft parts, military equipment, medical tools, as well as other forged shapes that are machined into finished parts.

We are a stainless steel round bar supplier that manufactures custom stainless steel and cold rolled steel bar forgings. In other words, we have the capacity to produce stainless steel materials that are available in varying sizes, shapes, grades, weight, lengths, and of course, finishes.

 With stainless steel round bar stock being popular and highly sought-after alloy, we make sure to provide our clients with only the best stainless steel alloys to help them produce sturdy products that they can sell to their own customers. We keep good tabs on our inventory of steel alloys and centerless ground bar products so that we can supply you with as many of these quality steel anytime you find the need for them.

High-Quality Steel Alloys

Our stainless steel alloys are forged as close to perfection as possible which enables them to withstand an extensive range of ascending temperatures that are necessary for manufacturing parts and components (e.g fabrication and welding). These alloys possess great strength and excellent properties, including high corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, ductility, heat resistance, and more. Industrial engineers and manufacturers use stainless steel alloys due to their long-lasting, low cost, and recyclable characteristics.

O’Hare Precision Metals is a stainless steel round bar supplier that offers its available machining services for any client that walks and calls us up. We also serve a wide range of industries like aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, military equipment, oil and gas processing, and medical industries. Do you want to know more about the kinds of stainless steel that we have to offer and the properties that they have? Take a look below and you’re sure to find what you need to help push your business forward:


Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) is used for indicating polished, ground, and turned to shaft in rotating industries specifically.

Pump Shaft Quality

Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) is used for indicating polished, ground, and turned to shaft in rotating industries specifically. As one of the top suppliers for PSQ or better known as Pump Shaft Quality, across the Midwest, O’Hare Precision Metals keeps a large inventory to supply our clients with vast amounts of steel varying in grades and sizes that pump manufacturers may be required to purchase to help them make the necessary shaft refurbishment and repairs that they need to do.

Grinding steel into the exact measurements that you need can help you achieve a tight diametrical tolerance that lowers wear and gives your products or labor a consistent quality and controlled properties. The material is straightened to allow minimal vibration all throughout the shaft length. Pump shaft has been used for the high precision shafting in pumps and we’ve made it a point to stock up on the following stainless steel grades such as 17-4PH and 416 in PSQ, which range from different sizes and diameters. With precision straightness and tight diameter tolerances, Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) requires careful and special consideration when handling and shipping. We also have our own packaging options that include wooden boxes and cardboard tubing. 

Stated below are some details on the type of Pump Shaft Material we can provide you with:


We have an extensive line of stainless steel products in varying forms to meet customers’ requests and needs.

Stainless Steel Forms

O’Hare Precision Metals has a wide range of stainless steel products that are available in rounds, bars, rods, and customer-specified shapes and forms. We are capable of forging metals and steels to fit specific requirements in manufacturing parts and components.

As an expansion of possibilities, we work for steel boosting and professional machining operations so we can comply with the eminently growing demands from the different industries we serve. Contact us for more details or get a free quote for the material that you want.


Our grades have their designated applications, depending on their capacities and featured strength or properties.

Stainless Steel Grades

Stainless steel grades have their group distinctions including duplex, austenitic, martensitic, ferritic, PH, and special steel grades that are widely used in an extensive line of application. These grades are known for their strength and quality properties that can withstand severe and corrosive environments and elevated temperatures.

That is exactly why stainless steel, more often than not, earns the first choice and demand in the majority of our customer-specific uses.

 The table below shows the distinct mechanical differences of stainless steel grades and how they are selected for various applications:


303 Austenitic Cold only / non-magnetic a good machinable austenitic with its additional sulphur content. less corrosion resistant than 303 and 316 nuts, bolts, gears, etc.
304 Austenitic Cold only / non-magnetic more suitable for complex forms than 301 kitchen appliances & sinks, truck trailers, architectural paneling, food processing equipment – milk brewing, wine making, beer brewing
316 Austenitic Cold only / non-magnetic most expensive austenitic, has better corrosion resistance with its additional molybdenum content pharmaceuticals, food preparation, architectural, marine applications, chemical containers, medical implants
316 / 316L Austenitic Cold only / non-magnetic extra low carbon grade of 316 marine applications, stainless steel watches, reactor pressure vessels, water reactors
316 / 316L Austenitic Cold only / non-magnetic extra low carbon grade of 316 marine applications, stainless steel watches, reactor pressure vessels, water reactors
321 Austenitic Cold only / non-magnetic has higher stress and creep rupture properties than 304 boiler and pressure vessels
347 Austenitic Cold only / non-magnetic has good creep strength and oxidation resistance, but low temperature toughness food processing, waste heat recovery, chemical processing, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical production
410 Martensitic Thermal hardening/ magnetic low cost, most widely used stainless martensitic steel, softer and more machinable than 416 or 420 nuts, screws, bolts, car parts, bushings, industrial products
420 Martensitic Thermal hardening/ magnetic high carbon version and harder than 410 cutlery and knife blades, surgical instruments, medium quality tools
430 Ferritic Thermal hardening/ magnetic decorative, has good formability but reduced corrosion and temperature resistance automotive trim
440C Ferritic / Martensitic Thermal hardening / magnetic has greater amount of carbon, has the toughest strength in 440 variants knifemaking
440F Ferritic / Martensitic Thermal hardening / agnetic free machining variant, has high carbon content areas requiring non-galling, non-seizing, and high hardness values
446 Ferritic / Martensitic Elevated Temperature most oxidation resistant boiler parts, burners, injector nozzles, thermocouple protectors, flame rods, glass bonding parts


We here at O’Hare Precision Metals, supply stainless steel with a variety of grades and sizes to meet your demands the moment they’re made.

Should you need a supply of stainless steel products and other metals,  contact O’Hare Precision Metals and get a free quote for your steel product and machining requirement.

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