Accessories and Equipment in Grinding Machine Accessories

Centerless Grinding Accessories

The success in any machining operation doesn’t lie only on skills or facilities, though they are one of the most critical segments in the process, it is also important to take the machine accessories and tools into great consideration.

Accessories and Centerless Bar Grinding Machine

Sophistication must not only come in a machine but also productivity and multifunctionality. But how are all these achieved?

Of course, skill, preventative maintenance, equipment, and tools are always part of the process but the proper implementation of machine equipment may also have its part.

To make the operation successful and much more effective in centerless grinding, there should be an involvement of machine tools and accessories (such as outboard supports, ejectors, supporting rollers) in place. The use of these accessories and operator-assisted devices makes the work more efficient, improve the grinding application, and achieve the better tolerance required in every bar. In all kinds of centerless grinding operation, may it be thru feed or in-feed, the presence of such tools is taken into high importance by operators for optimum part removal with controlled bar straightness.

Proper setting and attachment of bar grinding machine

  • In-feed grinding
    If you are looking for fewer practice times but with exacting diameter tolerance in every infeed grinding operation, machine accessories and attachments should not be ignored. These tools make set-up and operation more efficient and make it even more possible to gain fast machining production.Grinding small part diameters and even out-of-round parts is highly complex requires attachments to hold the workpiece in proper place.
  • Harmonic Drives
    • They ensure good repeatability for the fine compensation and grinding cycle
    • Allow incremental movement of slides
  • Precision Ground Ball Screw
    • This makes it possible for achieving great tolerance and roundness up to even .0002” in 56” length
  • Twin-Grip Mounting
    The combination of those necessary attachments enable both wheels (regulating wheel and grinding wheel) to use the “Twin-Grip” mounting, which is essentially used in eliminating and resisting wheel-separating wheel pressures even under heavy loads. Aside from proper placement and controlled gap, this mounting is critical and important in providing maximum rigidity between spindles that affects the consistency of part geometry.

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