How Centerless Grinding Operates

How Centerless Grinding Operates

To operate a centerless grinding process takes skill and further understanding of its rules to be able to attain flawless results out of the raw materials.

Centerless grinding is a kind of metalworking operation that highly requires a full understanding of its basic fundamentals to achieve quality and consistent results. This kind of grinding process is very crucial resulting in most operations to fail in achieving the desired quality due to the lack of understanding of its basic principles.

Basically, centerless grinding is a kind of OD grinding process that is far different from other cylindrical processes in which the workpiece is not mechanically forced with pressure. The workpiece must be placed above the centerline of the wheels to let the grinding process create a rounding action on the workpiece. Other traditional OD machining processes like center-type or chucker-type grinding require center holes, drivers, or workhead fixtures – centerless processes don’t.

Instead, a work blade that is located between the grinding wheel and the regulating wheel supports the workpiece on its outer diameter. The grinding wheel has a much higher velocity than the regulating wheel. The presence of these three components like the work blade, the grinding wheel, and the regulating wheel makes the grinding process attain a perfect centerless grinding operation.

Major Parts that do the Grinding Process

  • Grinding Wheel
    The grinding wheel is the part of the machine that does the grinding process and has a higher speed than the other wheel. It applies a downward force to the workpiece and is placed on the affixed axis.
  • Regulating Wheel
    This wheel is the movable wheel and has slower speed than the grinding wheel which applies lateral pressure to the workpiece.
  • Workblade blade used for abrasive cutting.

Why “Centerless”?

The idea of “centerless” may confuse manufacturers. But from the word itself, “centerless”, the centerless grinder has no centers, appearing to have no control over the workpiece. That’s what makes the operation indeed crucial and difficult. If proper fundamentals are acquired in the process and if it’s set up properly, centerless grinding will achieve the surface finish, roundness, and dimensional tolerances in the metalworking operation. What makes this grinding operation stand out for other processes is that it comes up with a flawless roundness of workpiece blanks – if the process is done through properly sticking to its fundamentals and with a proper handling of the grinding wheel, the regulating wheel, and the work blade.

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