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Power of Grinding Steels in Industrial Applications

Steel Grinder

“Applying the grinding technique to steels requires guidelines and proper implementation of tools and inserts to achieve quality results.”

Steel has been thoroughly used by a lot of manufacturers and metalworkers nowadays. The almost perfect feature of steel makes it pass all rigid requirements regarding mechanical properties and excellent grades. Steel is fused with different elements with excellent characteristics. It undergoes the alloying process to form one solid metal that can withstand high-performance applications.

Steels are the best materials for withstanding high-temperature environments that require high tensile and yield strength and excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

Moreover, steels are iron-based metals. Its improved strength, steels are the standard raw material helpful in manufacturing parts. They are valuable for automotive engines, aircraft structures, turbines, and even chemical plants and medical tools.

Machining Steels

Steel materials are challenging to be machined compared to other metals due to its kind of hardness feature. The higher the steel’s alloying content, the harder it is for the machine. Mainly, this challenge falls to austenitic steel, which contains a maximum percentage of chromium and nickel elements. But special metallurgical treatment has been made to enhance the machinability of steels.

In addition, hard steels need the rigid use of heavy machinery when machining. There is a need to obtain knowledge of the factors contributing to the machinability of steels to achieve complex precision-engineered parts in high volumes. Mechanical properties, grades, alloying elements, and strength are just four contributing factors that influence the machinability of steels.

Grinding Steels

Obtaining a finer surface finish in grinding steels involves continuous abrasive metal removal. Thus, implementing healthy guidelines for grinding steel is necessary, especially when grinding hard, course parts. For such an operation, key variables must be followed, such as three-point positioning, consistent grain dressing, proper automation, and coolant application. Also, keeping a close watch on those key variables makes the operation run smoothly, enabling us to achieve consistent part results in a single pass!

Since the operation is too continuous and rapid, tool grains on the grinding wheels might get worn out, so redressing them is highly encouraged. The grinding procedure should be appropriately implemented to gain that precise surface finish and tight diameter tolerance.

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